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Firmware 1.1.3: The hackers race is officially launched!

hack_me.jpgWe have officially entered the heart of the matter since last night: Le Firmware 1.1.3 is available on iTunes.

Hackers (dev team) have already been working on this new firmware version for some time but things could therefore start to accelerate with availability ?public" of firmware 1.1.3 !

For information, Erica Sadun, the successful application developer, has just been successful downgrade iPhone update to 1.1.3 to firmware 1.1.1. which she then successfully jailbreaked!

Belgium iPhone will keep you informed, as usual, of the latest information regarding the unlocking of the firmware 1.1.3!

Waiting :

!!! Do not update your iPhone !!!

At the risk of ending up with a luxury paperweight?

We discuss it on the forum

@ Alex