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anySIM 1.3 is available! – Belgium-iPhone

Here is a piece of news that should delight everyone with an iPhone at bootloader 3.9. It is now possible to unlock the firmware 1.1.3 (baseband 04.03.13G).

The solution does not come directly from the Dev team but from a former member of the same Dev Team, the hacker Zibri, who wanted to take the lead over his elders colleagues.

This new version is perhaps still too recent to be able to test it but on the Hackintosh forum, feedback from people, having tests this new version, are pretty good! Who is going to start here?

You can download here anySim 1.3.

The Dev Team is also said to be on the verge of launching "its" version of anySim 1.3. Safer according to her?

Discussion on the forum.