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Know the bootloader version of your iPhone!

Are you going to receive your iPhone soon? Did you order it new or used? Here is a very useful application that will allow you to know the bootloader version of your iPhone in a jiffy!

The goal ?

The bootloader version allows you to determine if your iPhone can be cracked completely using unlocking software or if you must use it a TurboSim, iPhoneSimFreer adapter, etc.

Go to the repository Belgium iPhone ( from iPhone glass under your install, then install the application ? Baseband Info ".

Once done, go back to the springboard of your iPhone which will perform a soft reset automatically.

Then launch the application which will analyze your iPhone and the result will fall.

As a reminder :

Bootloader 3.9 : Unlockable using software (anySim, iPhoneSimFree).

Bootloader 4.6 : Unlockable using a TurboSim adapter, iPhoneSimFreer, …

Discussion on the forum.

@ Alex