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How to hide a WhatsApp discussion?

How to hide a WhatsApp discussion?

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Hiding WhatsApp conversations is not a complicated task, In this article, we are going to show you how to hide WhatsApp chat on Android & iOS devices.

WhatsApp is currently one of the most used communication tools. Almost everyone has used WhatsApp at least once, and has become one of our main tools for communicating with family, gossip with friends, and even talking. As an integral part of our daily life, it is natural that we need to keep our conversations safe and private. Regularly, if you do not want someone to read a private conversation, you delete the chat and c is all, isn't it?

But what if you had important information about a private conversation? You probably don't want to delete that conversation, because it can be a conversation with a loved one or there are some really important messages that cannot be afforded. delete, that's why today on TechinDroid we are going tolearn hide WhatsApp conversations iphone and Android, so no one can access it (at least not by mistake).

How to hide a WhatsApp discussion?

How to hide WhatsApp messages from the Chats list on Android

Here are the instructions to hide WhatsApp chat with archives in Android.

1. WhatsApp has the functionality called chat archive function, where you can hide your conversations from the curious eye, it is not the most known or used WhatsApp functions but it is certainly the most effective for this task, whether on Android or iOS Smartphone phone.

Let's start with Android, to hide a conversation first, you need to open the application and find the conversation you want to hide by going to the "Chats" tab.

2. Once you find the conversation you want to hide on Whatsapp, long press the discussion above, it will show you fewer options in the upper right corner, one of them being Archive chat icon , tap this and the selected conversations will disappear from your Chats tab. In this way, you can also hide several cats at the same time by selecting 2convo or more.

3.Hooray! You have successfully hidden this private summons that you don't want people to read.

How to display the cat?

How can you get it back? It's easy, just go to the end of the DISC tab. and there you will find an option that says archivs discussion, tap on it and you'll find all of your archive conversations.

To exit the conversation, long press it and choose the option ?Up arrow" .

How to hide WhatsApp chat on iPhone and iPad

Here are the instructions to hide WhatsApp chats on iOS devices.

1.Hiding conversations in iOS is as simple as on Android. Open WhatsApp and go to the ?DISC.? Area, find the cat you want to hide and drag it to justify it, it will show an Archive option, select it and voil It is hidden.

2.To find the class conversation, go to the top of the DISC area. and swipe down, which will show the option to see your classified chats. If you want to unblock a conversation, you need to do the same process you did to classify it: find the conversation you want to unblock, drag – in the justification field and select ?Dsarchiver".

3.And that's it! Now that you know how to hide WhatsApp convos, you will be free from all curious glances. However, this option does not work for groups, and the chat will appear new if one of you sends a message, so if it's really something you don't want people to see, delete the conversation.

Nowadays, privacy is a luxury, with information becoming more and more public every day, which is why it is always important to keep a few secrets for yourself and this can be done with WhatsApp (in a certain If you think a friend might want to read this post, don't hesitate to share it!

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