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Windows 10: How to enable or disable Bluetooth

In Windows 10, the Bluetooth connection is activated by default. But it may be useful to disable it from time to time, in order to extend the battery for example when you are on the move. If you want to disable, enable or even add a new device, here's how to do it.

Windows 10 Bluetooth

Windows 10 gre natively the Bluetooth, without you having anything to install. But in some cases, the system can handle nasty tricks and turn off Bluetooth or crash a device, especially after updating. The operation of turning on Bluetooth, to make it more effective, can be life saving. In other cases, it may be interesting to turn off the Bluetooth, to extend the last percentages of the battery when in mobility. Finally, if you discover Windows 10, you may have already faced the problem: but where is the Bluetooth Manager in the Microsoft operating system? And how to add a new device? To answer all these questions, follow the guide.

Turn on Bluetooth

Have you just installed a new Bluetooth card in your computer? Or was the connection deactivated at the time of purchase? Bluetooth is not enabled by default on your Windows 10 PC. To turn it on, proceed as follows. Go to the right side of the taskbar, right next to the time. You should see there Bluetooth. If this is not the case, click on the small arrow to make it appear. Double-click on it to display the Bluetooth device manager. Note that this one is also accessible since Start menu and functions settings > peripherals. In the window that is then displayed, simply slide the Bluetooth button Activ. Nothing's easier.

Windows 10 Bluetooth

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Set up a new device

To add a new device, stay in the same interface, always accessible from the options settings > peripherals. The list of all nearby Bluetooth devices is displayed. Click on the one you want to connect your machine. You will probably need to open the connection on the device that you want to pair with your PC. For this, it is usually sufficient to press for 10 seconds on the power button. You should then be able to add the device to your PC.

Windows 10 Bluetooth

Disable Bluetooth

You will understand, to disconnect the Bluetooth on your machine, just go to the same module (settings > peripherals, or Bluetooth icon of the taskbar) and set the button to disable. All devices will be disconnected from your PC.

Windows 10 Bluetooth

Use Control Panel

Even if it tends to eclipse over Windows 10 versions in favor of the Paramtres module, the Control Panel is still present. To access it, simply enter Control Panel in the search field of the Taskbar. The Bluetooth device manager is in the Hardware and Sound section. You can add, delete, and even adjust any Bluetooth device, be it headphones, a mouse, and so on.

Windows 10 Bluetooth