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Why is Black Friday so important for high-tech fans?

Any passionate of high technology must know the concept of Black Friday. For those who are abroad, this is a special day during which we find high-tech devices in reduction. As Nol approaches, it is a good opportunity to get low priced gifts.

What is the origin of the name Black Friday?

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Developed in the United States in the 1970s, the concept became popular all the way to Europe, and most brands and stores adapt their prices to this occasion, sometimes offering 60% discount on some devices. The term black (black in English), represents the crowd crashes rushing into the stores. Note however: we can not really talk about human pond in the shops of the hexagon, this image frnsie comes essentially from across the Atlantic. This metaphor applies however to summer and winter clothing.

Most brands and stores adjust their prices this occasion, sometimes offering 60% discount.

What is the purpose of Black Friday?

The interest of Black Friday makes perfect sense. If it can be attributed a cultural value in the United States (after Thanksgiving), it is in Europe a simple sales day on the theme of high technologies. Next month, many people will celebrate Christmas and, from here, live to invest.

To overcome this problem, the stores offer strong sales to maintain their sales curve as best they can. Of course, the psychological aspect plays an important role: devices often priced high in large balances may motivate many customers to take the plunge. The following Monday we have the Cyber ??Monday which offers him similar promotions but exclusively on the Internet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 11
With a little luck, the Galaxy S10 will be on sale on Black Friday. AndroidPIT

Although high technology does not come to smartphones (far from it), has remained the most popular segment in this area. Fans change their phone regularly and see the Black Friday opportunity to acquire a new price sometimes torn. However, it is very unlikely to see a new and / or high-end device brad the year of its release on Black Friday, it is rather to sink unsold stocks or sell devices that may still please their age.

To which store (s) to turn to?

In theory, any company marketing high-tech items can sell its products on sale. Many have already confirmed their participation, their high-tech items will benefit from exceptional reductions. Depending on what you want to buy, some stores / sites may be better choices than others.

androidpit amazon hero image
During Black Friday, Amazon can offer particularly interesting discounts. AndroidPIT

In terms of smartphones, it is interesting to start by looking at the side of the manufacturer. If for example you want a Samsung you can start by going to take a look at the site of Samsung and see which it offers in reduction. In online shopping, we find of course Amazon, reference in the field, which has stretched Black Friday throughout the week. This company is also one of the pioneers of Black Friday and Cyber ??Monday in France. According to them, Amazon will offer discounts of 20% to 70% on their high tech products.

Other stores such as Fnac and Darty will also offer interesting balances, especially on (very) high resolution projections. The supermarkets do not intend to spend the opportunity either, they will exploit the idea by combining discounts and loyalty cards.

Amazon will offer discounts of 20% to 70% on their high tech products.

The rival of Android, Apple, also plan to take advantage of Black Friday thanks to the many suppliers. The apple business wants to be able to divert some Android users the opportunity and drive them to the dark side.

black friday 01b
Ready to do a lot of business? AndroidPIT

Cyber ??Monday, an alternative to Black Friday?

Do you have a minister's schedule (or maybe you one) and will not be able to benefit from these balances on Friday? Do not panic, you'll find Monday at our Cyber ??Monday. The concept is similar to detail: purchases can only be made online. Practice, do you think, but has a problem size: that of testing and / or take in hand what we buy.

During Black Friday, it is possible to go to a shop to take control of a smartphone, test a tablet or watch a big screen TV resolution 4. Incidentally, it is also possible to buy on the Internet if the price there is more advantageous. During Cyber ??Monday, it is better to know in advance what you want to buy in order to avoid buying an item that will not please.

androidpit Cyber ??Monday 2
If you have not been able to enjoy Black Friday, catch up with Cyber ??Monday. AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the reductions are much larger in the United States. Even though we are less at home, it is always nice to have cheap items, is not it? Do you plan to enjoy Black Friday?

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