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How to use Zen mode on OnePlus smartphones

diciembre 3, 2019
How to use Zen mode on OnePlus smartphones

As we enter a new decade, smartphone addiction is a hot topic. Google has its own digital wellness tools, but other manufacturers are implementing other solutions to help us use our smartphones less. Here's how to use OnePlus Zen mode to reduce smartphone addiction.

Apps and social networks are designed to keep us connected as long as possible. We are so used to being connected to the network that it is often difficult for us to stay connected to the real world. Fortunately, OnePlus has created a feature to help its users put their smartphones aside for a while to allow them to spend time in the world away from digital distractions.

Quick access

What is the OnePlus Zen Mode?

Zen OnePlus mode is essentially a non-disturbing mode that focuses on speed. It puts the smartphone in a sort of coma limiting the functionality to the minimum needed to reduce the temptation for users to take it in hand and start using it.

Once OnePlus smartphones switch to Zen mode, they can no longer send SMS, open applications, browse the Internet and even access basic settings. You can receive calls or use the camera to take photos, but you can not view them in the Gallery application or edit them on Google Photos. The only number you can call in Zen mode is the emergency service in your area.

The most frightening feature of Zen mode is perhaps its indestructibility. Once activated, you can not go back on your decision. Even if you restart the device, you will always be in Zen mode. Once you have set a certain amount of time (20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes) in Zen mode, there is nothing you can do to stop it but just wait.

This is what makes Zen mode one of the most effective tools against smartphone addiction. If you could easily disable it, the temptation would override a large number of users. I like the fact that Zen mode is strict on this point.

Does my smartphone support Zen mode?

Zen mode was launched in 2019 with OnePlus 7 Pro. The Chinese manufacturer has also extended this function to previous models (up to OnePlus 5). Zen mode is available on all OnePlus devices (including OnePlus 6, 6T, 7T and 7T Pro). It is likely that all future devices of the brand will offer it as a native feature.

AndroidPIT oneplus 5 0233
Zen mode is available from OnePlus 5. AndroidPIT

How to use Zen mode

ZenMode is installed by default on OnePlus smartphones. It does not appear in the application drawer. The fastest way to access Zen mode is to lower the notification menu to access the quick setup menu.

If you can not find the Zen mode immediately, you will need to select the pencil icon to customize the options available in the context menu. Drag the Zen mode icon and follow the steps below:

  1. Once in Zen mode, press the green arrow down on the screen and choose between 20, 30, 40 and 60 minutes as the inactivity period.
  2. Slectionnez Let's go at the bottom of the screen to start.
  3. A timer appears on the screen to indicate the remaining time of the session.
  4. Once it expires, you will receive a notification!
oneplus zen mode
You can start with 20 minutes and focus on longer sessions / AndroidPIT

There are also events in Zen mode. OnePlus is promoting a 21-day campaign called Zen Transformation. According to the request, psychologists estimate that it takes 21 days to develop and consolidate any habit. The OnePlus campaign is designed to help users make the healthy habit of putting their smartphone aside for a while each day.

The rules for this challenge are listed in the appendix. You will need to complete 21 Zen mode conscious sessions to overcome this challenge. The campaign will run until the end of 2019, so you have a little over two months to complete your 21 days of conscious care.

oneplus zen mode2
Ready to test you? AndroidPIT

Have you ever tried Zen OnePlus mode?

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