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How to install and use WhatsApp on an Android tablet

diciembre 3, 2019
How to install and use WhatsApp on an Android tablet

Many of us are wondering how to install WhatsApp on their tablet. As you know, the Facebook policy is quite strict on the subject: the application can only be used on one device. In theory, so you can give up having WhatsApp on your smartphone to put it on your tablet, but the app is not intended for tablet based. Fortunately, there are several small tips that will allow you to enjoy WhatsApp on your tablet.

How to use WhatsApp on tablet

Since 2016, WhatsApp allows you to view and send messages from WhatsApp Web, the WhatsApp web interface. To use it, it is necessary that the application is launched and active on the smartphone. You can not use this solution to view WhatsApp if your smartphone is not with you o runs out of battery.

Its use is extremely simple. Go to the and follow the instructions on the screen. Open your WhatsApp app on your smartphone and click the WhatsApp Web option in the settings. Then scan the code with your smartphone. Once done, your session will automatically open on the website. To log out, simply click on the three points on the screen and then on the disconnection.

androidpit whatsapp web tablet
Scan the code with your smartphone. AndroidPIT

Know that if you use WhatsApp on a smartphone or tablet, the only thing that matters for WhatsApp is that the application is in working order on the device where it is installed (and of course that it has an Internet access) ).

How to install WhatsApp on tablet

The other solution is to directly install the WhatsApp application on your Android tablet.

Before you begin, keep the following points in mind:

  • WhatsApp can only be used on one device (WhatsApp Web not included)
  • if you install / uninstall WhatsApp too often on different devices, WhatsApp / Facebook can react (but it's quite exceptional rest assured)

In other words, if you install WhatsApp on your tablet, you will not be able to use it on your smartphone except by reinstalling it. Too many relocations can lead to a reaction from Facebook that may consider this an attempt to circumvent its rules.

AndroidPIT whatsapp video call 0043 a
Forget about WhatsApp on PC, switch on tablet! AndroidPIT

This said, this tutorial is ultra-simple. You need :

  • a phone with a valid number
  • from your tablet

Install WhatsApp on Tablet

  • Download WhatsApp from the application site: WhatsApp (in the latter case, please allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.) To do this, go to Settings> General> Security> Unknown Sources.
  • Open the application and click Accept and Continue.
androidpit whatsapp tablet home
Here is the installation screen of WhatsApp AndroidPIT
  • Ask to receive your code by SMS.
androidpit number whatsapp 2
You need to check your number to use WhatsApp on tablet. AndroidPIT
  • Enter your SMS code on your phone and enter the code in the installation in the WhatsApp installation on the tablet. You can also choose to be called and note the code.
androidpit whatsapp tablet use
Finally enjoy WhatsApp on your tablet. AndroidPIT

And here you are, enjoy WhatsApp on your tablet, even if it is not 3 or 4G!

Of course, and as a reminder, you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Do you prefer to use WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet?

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