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How to customize the boot animation on Android

diciembre 3, 2019
How to customize the boot animation on Android

If you are one of those who likes to customize their smartphone as much as possible, you have probably already tried several launchers and changed the theme of the device several times. However, what you do not know is that you can also change the startup animation of your phone. In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to easily download and install alternative boot animations on your smartphone.

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What is a boot animation?

For starters, what is an animation boot? This is actually this little starter animation that makes us wait when we turn on his Android, waiting for the system to launch. On the Honor, it's the logo of the manufacturer in a blue image, the Samsung is the logo of the brand.

There are several methods to install a boot animation on Android. I will introduce you to the simplest, which work all the time for me, or almost. These two methods work on any Android, provided you have it root.

Install a boot animation (boot animation) manually

It is necessary to install a file explorer which grants the rights roots. Root Explorer or Root Browser work very well for example. Others do the trick too.

Root Explorer
Install on Google Play

Root Browser File Manager
Install on Google Play

Once root rights enabled, go to the root of your device (in no folder), repre the directory system and go to the permissions menu, depending on the application, by pressing and holding the menu key and then in the properties.

Here, according to the application you will see 9 boxes, class with "Read" or "-r", "Write" or "-wr" and "Execute" or "-x" in English, and Read, Write and Run in French. You'll understand, what we want is to enable access and modification of system files.

In the case of Files Manager, once the application installs, you must first give it root permissions, so we will have to open the menu and activate the Root Explorer option.

androidpit files
According to your file explorer, the properties are different. AndroidPIT
  • Once the permissions or permissions changes, go to the folder system then in the folder media.
  • You will find a file named "" or similar (for Samsung, for example, you can find bootsamsung.qmg). Rename it to "bootanimation.zip1": you have just made a backup of your boot animation.

Now all you have to do is find a dj start animation ready and copy it to this folder, renaming it bootanimation and not touching its extension (".zip" or ".qmg"). You will be able to find different on the net.

If you wish, you can find new ones on the XDA Developers forum. Once downloaded, rename the file to

Start again, and here!

Change the animation via an application

There is an application to install boot animations very easily, it is called … Boot Animations. Just be root to use the application. In addition to allowing you to install any boot animation on your device, Boot Animations puts many animations at your disposal, just to change when you're fed up with your animation to start the moment … For info, I had some problems with the application, which does not work sometimes, it was enough to uninstall and reinstall it for everything to work.

androidpit boot animations
Change the boot animation using Boot Animations. AndroidPIT
  • Version of the app:
  • Size of the app: 3.2 MB
  • Compatibility of the app: Android 4.0 or higher
  • Business model: free with in-app purchases

Boot Animations for Superuser
Install on Google Play

Which animation did you choose?

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