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Here are 4 tips for sharing your screens between macOS and iOS

diciembre 3, 2019
Image: iStock (fr)

At Apple, whether with your iOS or macOS, it's possible to share any screen with your friends and even control them remotely from your smartphone.

On Mac, there is a feature called Screen Sharing. With it, save and highlight some information during presentations for example. Alternatively, you will find many applications on the AppStore allowing you to display the contents of your iPhone or iPad on Mac.

In this tutorial, we reveal four tips for viewing one of your screens from a Mac, an iPhone or even an iPad.

Enable Mac Screen Sharing

When you're on Mac, the easiest way to access another screen and control it is to turn on the Screen Share feature. To do this :

  • In the menu bar of your Mac, click on the Apple.
  • Go in Preferences Systems then on the folder Sharing
  • In the window that opens, tick Screen Sharing.
  • Finally, choose between allow access to all users or only cusers.

You can also go through the VNC viewers option. They allow the sharing of screen, for example on an iPad or a Windows computer, by entering a password that you will have previously created.

  • See you again in Preferences Systems then on Sharing.
  • Under Screen Sharing: Enabled, click on Settings of the computer.
  • Select VNC viewers can control the screen with a password.
  • Enter a password.
  • The VNC address then appears under Screen Sharing: Enabled, write it down somewhere or pass it on to the person who wants to go to your desk.

After you have completed the Sharing Screen setup, do the following:

  • In your Finder, search Screen Sharing and double-click on it
  • First enter your Apple ID or IP address, then the Mac to access
  • Accept the invitation.
  • Slectionnez Control my guts or Observe my guts.
  • Finalize with Accept.

Access a Mac screen via Messages

It is possible to go to the Mac of a friend for example, via Messages. You will not control it directly but you will be able to visualize its display.

  • Open posts on Mac.
  • Click on New message and enter your friend's Apple ID in the field to contact him.
  • Once the message is sent, go to Dtails in the upper right corner of the window.
  • next to your contact name, click on the icon Share the screen (two rectangles).
  • Choose Request to share, your friend will then Accept.

Access a Mac from your iPad or iPhone with Chrome Remote Desktop

To access your Mac from an iOS, download free Chrome Remote Desktop.

Note that you will need to go through the Google Chrome web browser for Mac and have a Google Account.

  • Open Chromium and go to the Chrome Webstore.
  • Search Chrome Remote Desktop then click Add Chrome.
  • Once on the extension, click Dmarrer to configure remote access and on Accept and install.
  • Double click on the icon Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg which appears in Finder.
  • Carry on Install.
  • Enter your administrator password and confirm with okay.
  • Return to the window Chrome Remote Desktop and click okay.
  • Enter a code and confirm with okay.
  • Click on the computer icon and enter your administrator password.

To set up Chrome Remote Desktop on your iPhone, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

  • Open the application.
  • Press on Log in and enter your Google ID.
  • Select one of the remote devices offered.
  • Enter the password earlier and press the arrow.

Connect a Windows from an iPad or an iPhone

Microsoft is full of applications for iOS such as Microsoft Remote Desktop. It allows you to connect remotely to the office of a PC. Here's how to proceed.

  • Download the application Microsoft Remote Desktop on your iOS.
  • Click on + more up right then select Office or Remote resources.
  • In the field Office, enter the IP address of the computer used.
  • Go to User Accounts, then on Add a user account.
  • Type the user name and password of the PC.
  • Finally, tap the icon of your new connection.

Appear then the desktop of the remote PC, you can move the cursor of the mouse with the tips of the fingers.

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