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Brave 1.0: the faster and more secure browser that Chrome finally comes out of the beta

diciembre 3, 2019
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Brave finally comes out of the beta on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS but also on Linux. The browser is announced 3 to 6 times faster than Google Chrome and Firefox. His other argument is the privacy and security of users. No more questionable practices concerning your private life and your personal data.

Brave 1.0

Brave's beta has convinced nearly 9 million active users worldwide. The open source browser that is all about privacy and promises to break with Google Chrome has finally arrived in version 1.0, which marks its official launch. It offers a navigation 3 6 times faster than the competition, announces the publisher in a press release published on its website. The browser also ends surveillance capitalism with a private payment and advertising platform that benefits users, advertisers and publishers.

Brave is built around the Chromium kernel, the same as Google Chrome but is more exemplary about the processing and exploitation of your personal data. Nowadays, Internet users are tracks, labels and exploits. This not only affects their privacy, but slows the loading of pages, night autonomy and user experience, says the editor.

Brave 1.0 rinvente the model of advertising on the Web

Brave promises to prioritize security and privacy for users automatically blocking advertising trackers, third-party ads, and auto-play videos. This philosophy, the browser shares with Firefox, which recently blocks the tracking and advertising profiling of users. The opportunity to remember that Brendan Eich, Brave's creator is one of the co-founders of the Mozilla Foundation.

The browser uses a different advertising template from the competitors. Brave Rewards is a publicity system focused on private life. The choice of diffuse ads is based on data available directly on the user's device. Clearly, these data are never transferred to third-party servers. The system is optional, which means that the user can choose to activate it or not. 70% of the revenue generated is distributed to Brave users in the form of virtual Tokens (Basic Attention Tokens).

These tokens can then be used to reward your favorite sites. You can also turn them into vouchers, discount coupons or gift cards at more than 250,000 Brave partner companies. Finally, the browser interface is as ergonomic as that of Chrome with almost the same extensions. Brave version 1.0 is now available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

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