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Amazon Music is now free on your smartphone

Amazon Music is now free on your smartphone

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Amazon has extended its free Amazon Music level to more devices. Amazon Music was previously only available for free for customers using Echo devices.the Amazon Music level funded by advertisingis now also available on the Web, Android, iOS and Fire TV.

How to listen to Amazon music for free

Amazon has announced the extension of its free Amazon Music level in an article published onThe Amazon Blog.The level funded by advertising is available on the Amazon Music app for Android, iOS and Fire TV.And you can also listen on the web theaddress

The company explains that Amazon Music customers who do not yet have a Prime subscription or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription can now enjoy a free selection of better playlists and thousands of stations.

As you may have noticed, this Amazon Music catalog is not complete.The free level allows you to play thousands of stations according to any song, artist, era and genre, as well as the best global playlists and the best songs of the parties.

Playlists available for free (with ads) includeAll Hits(which contains the greatest songs of the world,Fuego Latino(which contains the most popular Latin titles of the week),Country Heat(full of country music hits) andRap Rotation(full of big jumping tracks).

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Essential Tips from Amazon Music Unlimited

Although the ability to stream music for free is appreciated (even with advertisements), this makes Amazon Music more confusing than ever. There are now five separate levels available, ranging from this free option to an Amazon Music HD subscription.

And this is also the reason behind this business.Amazon gives you a taste of Amazon Music for free in the hopes of signing up for a paid subscription.

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