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10 Best Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives That You Can Use

diciembre 3, 2019
Astuce Tech

10 Best Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives That You Can Use

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Whenever the presentation fits into my landscape, Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the first thing that strikes me. With a multitude of templates, layouts, fonts, icons and more designed by professionals, it's a unique platform for creating, customizing, and collaborating on visual stories. That said, PowerPoint has some searchable disadvantages, such as the not very clean interface and a set of features that warrant a steep learning curve. Plus, the service lacks the flair to engage the public with visually appealing models. Without talking about the extra cost ofMicrosoft Office 365($ 99.99 / year or $ 9.99 / month)) that does not fit in everyone's budget. If these weaknesses have forced you to change your loyalty, now is the time to explore the best Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives of 2019.

Best Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives try

Before diving into the roundup, it would be wise to note a few points so that you can find an alternative more suited to your needs:

Which presentation app is best for you?

Remember that words alone will not do justice to your presentation.Ni eye-catching videos or funky images. A compelling slideshow presentation has three essential aspects:

  • A beautifully designed model that can attract attention and engage the public
  • Well organized layout
  • And most importantly, the transparent presentation of ideas

To determine which presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint can better meet your needs. Make sure you have what you need:complete customization, wide range of professional tools, seamless collaboration or simple experienceKeeping in mind the different demands, I've chosen the best PowerPoint alternatives. And I'm sure you'll find at least one presentation app such as Microsoft PowerPoint, which can help you create impressive visual stories for your students, customers, business partners. So whether you want a feature-rich presentation software or a cheaper / totally free PowerPoint replacement, let's find the one that looks the most promising for your specific needs!

List of the main PowerPoint alternatives

1. Prezi

Regarding complete customization, Prezi has a head start on Microsoft Powerpoint.Proposing acollection of more and more different modelsFrom sales and training to sales and marketing, the online presentation platform allows you to have many options at any time.customizable images, layouts and graphicsoffer you the flexibility to want to adjust everything according to your needs.

People who do not want to spend a lot of time making presentations would appreciate the possibility ofrutiliser.With tons of professionally presented presentations, choosing one that meets a specific demand is not a trivial matter.In terms of smart brand strategy, Prezi seems more efficient than PowerPoint.It comes with asmart brand functionality very convenientwhich creates a beautiful color theme for presentations based on the color of your brand.

In terms of collaboration, it is also effective, allowing you to work seamlessly with your team. And with the desktop application, you canwork on your presentation, even offlineAs far as the analysis is concerned, Prezi is extremely efficient and allows you to follow the viewers and have a better overview so that you can target tracking with clarity. As far as prices are concerned, Prezi is slightly cheaper than PowerPoint because it only $ 5 per month (for personal use).


  • Analytics for your online presentations
  • Smart brand function very convenient
  • Large collection of models
  • Reuse a presentation

The disadvantages:

  • Importing files is a bit slow

Availability of the platform:Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Web

Price:14-day free trial, $ 5 / month


2. LibreOffice Impress

If you are looking for a highly effective and free Microsoft PowerPoint alternative, you will be hard pressed to find a better bet than LibreOffice Impress.Certes, this open-source software does not have as many features as the previous one, but it comes withenough tools to allow you to create impressive presentations.With several different display modes, you can easily create and edit slides. For example, the normal display mode is designed for a simple edition, while the outline makes it easier and simpler to outline and organize your text.

Just like PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impressoffersalsoa range of drawing and diagramming toolsallowing you to customize the appearance of your presentation.There are also slide shows animations and striking effects that can add the factor x your creativity.One of my favorite features of this application is the tool 'fontworks' which is very useful forcreate beautiful 2D and 3D images from text.

Another feature that makes dImpress a rival worthy of PowerPoint is a sleek Slide Show mode that lets you control how your slides are displayed and sequenced. In short, most of the basics are covered to significantly replace PowerPoint. And that too without you to quote a cent.


  • Free and open-source
  • Several different view modes
  • Includes a range of drawing and diagramming tools
  • Option of stunning 2D and 3D images from text

The disadvantages:

  • The user interface is a little dull
  • Comparatively, fewer tools than PowerPoint

Availability of the platform:Windows, macOS, Linux Android and Web



3. Zoho Show

more than one title, Zoho Show is very similar Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether you are a teacher who must create interactive slideshows or a businessman who must often offer an interesting presentation to present the new products, Zoho Show is the software that you need. If PowerPoint offers awide assortment of modelsHowever, no matter what your requirements may be, there is a good chance that you always have a model that can give your ideas good shape and appearance.

Zoho ShowworksalsoReliable way when importing PowerPoint files(.ppt or .pptx) .Therefore, you can use all the powerful tools of this presentation application to enhance your PowerPoint presentations. A notable feature of this service is the ability tomaintain accurate formatting, ensuring that there are no stationary images or erroneous margins. In addition to offering a problem-free import function, the software also allows you to easily export your files to PowerPoint so that if you want to go back the process does not become difficult.

As far as animations and transitions are concerned, they can correspond to the PowerPoint directory. In terms of collaboration, it's a very close competitor. Therefore, you can easily invite your colleagues to edit and collaborate with the required feed. .Overall, Show is a compelling Microsoft PowerPoint alternative. The best part is italso offers a free version,which is great for students and users who can not afford to pay the high cost of Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Offer a free version
  • A solid assortment of models
  • Works reliably when importing PowerPoint files
  • Maintains accurate formatting

The disadvantages:

  • Sometimes limiting file size can become an obstacle to optimal performance.

Availability of the platform:iOS, Apple, Apple TV, Android, Android TV and Web

Price:Free, $ 5 / user / month (monthly billing) or $ 4 / user / month (annual billing)


4. haku bridge

Very few presentation applications are as elegant as Haiku Deck. Although it is rich in features, the presentation platform does not involve a steep learning curve like PowerPoint. So, if you want apresentation software rich in features and easy to handleit may be worth considering seriously.

The presentation app has an intuitive user interface that offers a touch of both: simplicity and clarity.As a person who always loves to have the luxury ofa wide range of models, I must say that Haiku Desk is the height this way. Like PowerPoint, it allows you to choose from tons of attractive fonts, layouts and image filters to add great customization to your reading. And with a library ofmore than 40 million creative images At your disposal, you will have something unique to personalize your creativity. In terms of price, these two first-rate presentation apps are almost equal.

Basically, Haiku Deck is intended for users who want all the features of Microsoft PowerPoint in an easier user interface to use and learn. If it's you, you should take a look at it.


  • Presentation software rich in functionality but easy to manipulate
  • A wide range of models
  • More than 40 million creative images

The disadvantages:

  • Its price is identical to that of Microsoft PowerPoint (Ms. offers higher price level options)

Availability of the platform:iOS and Web

Price: Free, $ 9.99 / month ($ 119.88 billed annually)


5. Google Slides

Keep Google Slides out of sight of your risks and princes! In terms of flexibility, Google's presentation app is way better than Microsoft's. Even in terms of customization, it's not late either. offersan extensive collection of predefined modelsto allow you to create a high-quality presentation without being forced into complexities.You can use images, videos and even drawings to improve your creativity. Without forgetting, there are alsoseveral transitionsfor your presentation to stand out.

Regarding collaboration,Google Slides is more effectivethan its counterparts, including PowerPoint, thanks to the power of G-Suite.You can team up with your colleagues and friends to work efficiently on a single presentation.In addition, you control who can edit, view and even add comments. other feature that makes slides very useful isthe history of unlimited revisionswhich offers you the possibility to follow and cancel the revisions with ease. About price, Google provides a freemium version with basic features and the pro version is offering $ 5 / month (start price), making it an economical and cost effective Microsoft PowerPoint alternative.


  • A large collection of predefined models
  • A good list of transitions
  • More effective collaboration

The disadvantages:

  • Some transitions do not work effectively

Availability of the platform: iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS

Price: free, $ 5 / user / month (as part of G Suite)


6. Vism

A premier presentation app such as Vism can prove to be a boon for professionals.But making it an excellent PowerPoint alternative is thestandard list of professional toolsable to bring an impressive charm to visual stories. In addition to having one of the largest model libraries, the app has a solid collection ofbeautiful images, icons and fonts.

Unlike PowerPoint, Vism has auncluttered interface,so that the creation of a high-quality presentation remains hassle-free.According to your needs, you can use audio, video, graphics, maps and even links to make your creations more attractive.control of confidentiality, it offers several options for you to choose to make your presentation public and fully indexable by a search engine or protect it with the help of a password.

Once your presentation is created, you can share it online or download it to your device. Finally, Visme is available free of charge, unlike its rival more famous. As the pro version, the price starts $ 14 / month, which seems a little But given the professional tools and the adorable personalization, it's a pretty good deal.


  • A massive collection of professional tools
  • Tons of beautiful images, icons and fonts to express
  • Control of private life

The disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • Multimedia processing is slightly annoying

Availability of the platform:Web

Price: Free, $ 14 / month


7. OnlyOffice

For aexperience simplifiesOnlyOffice has long been a reliable option. So, if you're looking for simplicity in your favorite PowerPoint alternative, you can not go wrong with thisopen source presentation software.The application puts more emphasis on the pure user interface and plays an essential role in creating more practical presentations for companies.Whether it is to create a quick slideshow presentation, to edit the slides existing or collaborate with colleagues, the entire process becomes a hassle-free experience.

Completelyintegrated with collaboration platforms,including messaging, CRM, projects and calendars, OnlyOffice synchronizes the entire team and allows them to work on the presentation with clarity. Although PowerPoint boasts a plethora of models, it has enough pre-defined templates to answer most of the requests. As for personalization tools, I think he excels in most aspects and easily lets his famous counterpart behind.

The application works effectively with PowerPoint presentations and can save them as PDF, PPT, PPTX and ODP. Another feature that can improve your productivity and save you a lot of time is the possibility ofapply bulk parameters.Because of the process to make the presentation more attractive, it offers adisplay mode of the presenterwhich allows you to highlight the main aspects and also facilitates navigation in the entire slideshow. In this regard, the presentation of OnlyOffice seems more effective than its rival rput.

Regarding the price, OnlyOffice rated $ 1,200 per server (license life). Although the price may seem a little up initially, given the simplification of experience and seamless integration with the platforms. collaboration is a much better option for the company.


  • Simplified experience
  • Open source presentation software
  • Intgr collaborative platforms

The disadvantages:

Availability of the platform:Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Price:30-day free trial, $ 1200 / per server (life license)


8. Conference

Are you deeply in the Apple ecosystem? If so, look no further than Apple Keynote.The application excels in most aspects:clear user interface, high quality presentation tools and many customization options.Like PowerPoint, it also has many graphics and provides several cinematic transitions. With 30 themes designed by Apple, you can give a beautiful appearance to your visual story. For enhanced personalization, it also offers a very good collection of slide layouts, fonts and style options.

You can useMail, WebDAV service, or iTunes file sharingto import Microsoft PowerPoint files and edit them in Keynote. With regard to text and object animations, I find Apple's offer the task, if not better than PowerPoint. Using animations such as disappearing, fading, resizing, crumbling, you can add more visual appeal to your creativity. But in terms of collaboration, Keynote can beat PowerPoint with transparent performance. More important Still, it is available for free, unlike the Microsoft offer that deserves a high price. I mean, there is no doubt that it is the best alternative Microsoft PowerPoint for Apple users.


  • Awesome animations
  • Only 30 themes designed by Apple
  • One of the best collaboration experiences

The disadvantages:

  • Does not offer the application for Windows and Android

Availability of the platform:iOS, macOS and Web



9. Canvas

Are you looking for a Microsoft PowerPoint alternative that allows you to create an elegant presentation? I suggest you try Canva if your answer is affirmative.The application makes the creation of presentation really fun thanks to a multitude of background images, catchy templates and filters.In addition, it also offers a variety of grids, graphics and frames to help you add the factor wow your presentation.

People who use attractive images in their presentation would really appreciate thelibrary containing millions of images.And with the photo filters on the beck and call, you can instantly transform the look of your photos.In addition, it also hasediting tools allowingto photograph an adorable personal touch.If you think that the only PowerPoint has a solid collection of fonts, you need to take a close look at the hundreds of fonts that this application contains.In short, Canva is a better choice than PowerPoint to create stylish presentations and social network graphs.


  • A multitude of background images, catchy templates and filters
  • Library of millions of images
  • Cool editing tools

The disadvantages:

  • Take the time to master the software

Availability of the platform:macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

Price:free, $ 12.95 / month


10. SlideDog

Although I still appreciate so much PowerPoint for thecreation of powerful multimedia presentationsI do not think this is the best of it. According to me, SlideDog has almost covered everything to give a strong competition to Microsoft's offer and even surpass it in many ways. What caught my attention in this platform presentation is the gift ofeffectively combine Prezis, PDF, PowerPointsand other items to create an elegant reading list.

SlideDogkeeps all the elements in their original formatso that they can reach the expected result. With the live sharing feature, you can easily stream your presentation on your channel. All participants will receive a link and with a single click / tap, they will start watching the presentation. PowerPoint report, SlideDog offers a waymore intuitive to control the presentation.For example, you can switch between files, pause video, edit slides, and more. without any complexities. Better yet, it also works well enough to get the public's feedback from the questionnaire.


  • Create powerful multimedia presentations
  • Combine Prezis, PDF, PowerPoints effectively
  • Keep all items in their original format

The disadvantages:

  • Sometimes feels lazy
  • The pro version does not offer a convincing price-value proposition

Availability of the platform: Windows and macOS

Price:free, $ 99 / year


Bonus: WPS Office free

WPS Office Free, although far from being as versatile and versatile as Microsoft, is a notable substitute. Whether you're a teacher, executive, or student, this presentation app has most of the basics covered to be a handy asset for you.It isfully compatible with Microsoft PowerPointand supports both PPT and PPTX files. So, you can import presentations from PowerPoint and dither them using any tools it has.

WPS Office offers more than just quality formatting tools, including font styles, colors, shapes, etc.Thus, giving your presentation an appropriate appearance will not be a big demand.If you want a little more than customization,more than 230 fonts and text effectswill really come into play. Like PowerPoint, it also has several slide styles and pre-defined templates. Plus, you can useslide transitions, animationsand insert multimedia like videos, images and sound to make your presentation more impactful. Moreover, unlike PowerPoint, it will not cost you a cent.


  • Entirely compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Supports PPT and PPTX files
  • More than 230 fonts and text effects

The disadvantages:

  • Miss the versatility of PowerPoint
  • The interface should be better

Availability of the platform:Android, iOS, Linux and Web



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Choose the best Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives

I hope that your quest for a free / less expensive or better performing solution, Microsoft PowerPoint, is finally finished. If this is the case, tell us your preferred Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives by writing in the comments section. In addition, if you want to recommend an application listed, you can also do it. The comments section is you.

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