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WhatsApp will no longer work on Windows Phone from 31 December 2019

WhatsApp will stop working on all Windows Phone smartphones as of December 31, 2019. The instant messaging application will even disappear from Microsoft's store that date. To continue using WhatsApp, the latest users of Windows 10 Mobile will have to migrate to Android or iOS.

whatsapp windows phone will be working on December 2019

As announced, Windows Phone is slowly coming to an end. In 2018, Microsoft has also removed the latest smartphones compatible sale. In December 2019, the application store will even close its doors permanently. Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer receive new free security updates, non-security software patches, free support, or updates to content from Microsoft warns Microsoft.

After a final update, which will be deployed on December 10, WhatsApp will no longer work on Windows Phone. A few weeks later, the messaging application will disappear from the Store.You will no longer be able to use any Windows Phone operating system after December 31, 2019 " specify WhatsApp in its website. The few users of the Microsoft mobile OS will have to do without WhatsApp. Remember, the ultimate death of Windows Phone is indeed planned for 2020, after years of slow agony.

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One solution: give up Windows Phone for Android or iOS

To continue using WhatsApp, Windows Phone users have no other solutions: they must absolutely to trade their current phone against an Android smartphone or an iPhone. On its website, Microsoft does not hesitate to push the last users of its operating system to the competition. Following the end of Windows 10 Mobile support, we recommend our customers to upgrade to an Android or iOS deviceconcludes the American firm. Did you still use a smartphone with Windows Phone? Are you going to switch to Android or iOS? We are waiting for your testimony in the comments.