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To identify the iPad you have follow our tips!

diciembre 2, 2019
Image: iStock (fr)

To use certain applications, it is necessary to know which iPad you have because they could be incompatible with your model. The same is true for installing iOS updates.

If you are thinking of selling your tablet, it is important to know what version you have, and its technical features.

There are 4 categories diPad, divided into 2 4 models, thanks to this tutorial you will know which family your Apple device belongs to.

Identify your iPad with its model and reference number

Apple did not indicate on the back of each iPad their name and version, it would be too easy.

If you return your iPad, you will see, instead, the model number prcd of the letter A.

The other one bears the number A1475.

Another number attributed to your tablet is in General information Prototype. It precedes the letter M.

It serves as a product reference, an identifier for Apple. With these two numbers, you will know which version of your iPad.

In the list below, we have listed all the model numbers.

The first refers to iPad dots a Wi-Fi, the second indicates those with a connection via Wi-Fi and cellular data.

We have an iPad Air 1st generation with Wi-Fi + data because its number is A1475.

IPad modelsModel Numbers information
iPadiPadA1219 (WiFi), A1337April 2010, 30 pin port
iPad 2A1395 (WiFi), A1397March 2011, 30 pin port
iPad 3 (3rd generation)A1416 (WiFi), A1403March 2012, 30-pin port, Retina screen
iPad 4 (4th generation)A1458 (WiFi), A1459, A1460November 2012, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad 9.7 inches (2017) (5th generation)A1822 (WiFi), A1823March 2017, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad 9.7 inches (2018) (6th generation)A1893 (Wi-Fi), A1954March 2018, Lightning port, Retina notch
iPad 10.2 inches (2019)A2197 (Wi-Fi), A2200, A2198September 2019, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
AiriPad AirA1474 (WiFi), A1475November 2013, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad Air 2A1566 (WiFi), A1567October 2014, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad Air (2019)A2152 (WiFi), A2123, A2153March 2019, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
miniiPad miniA1432 (WiFi), A1455October 2012, Lightning port
iPad mini 2A1489 (WiFi), A1490November 2013, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad mini 3A1599 (WiFi), A1600October 2014, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad mini 4A1538 (WiFi), A1550September 2015, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad mini (2019)A2133 (WiFi), A2124, A2126March 2019, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
ProiPad Pro (12.9 inches)A1584 (WiFi), A1652September 2015, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad Pro (9.7 inches)A1673 and A1674 (Wi-Fi), A1675March 2016, Port Lightning, Retina Notch
iPad Pro (10.5 inches)A1701 (WiFi), A1709June 2017, Wearing Lightning, Notch Retina
iPad Pro 2nd Generation (12.9 inches)A1670 (WiFi), A1671June 2017, Wearing Lightning, Notch Retina
iPad Pro (11 inches) 2018A1980 (WiFi), A2013, A1934October 2018, USB Type-C
iPad Pro (12.9 inches) 2018A1876 (WiFi), A2014, A1895October 2018, USB Type-C

The home button

The most obvious thing that makes it possible to differentiate diPad models is the presence or absence of a button on the screen.

The iPad Pro 2018 models do not have any, but they offer an almost all-out design.

If your iPad has one, then that means it came out in 2017 or before.

USB Type-C, Lightning Connector and 30 Pin

To identify your iPad, you can also refer to their connector, Lightning or 30 pins. The latter only concerns iPad 3 and 4th generation.

With the photo below, find out what a USB Type-C port looks like, of which only the iPad Pro 2018 are dots.

The Lightning port is smaller than the 30 pin.

The speakers

It is easy to distinguish an iPad Pro from others because it is equipped with 4 speakers, located at the top and bottom.

The other models have only 2 speakers, placed right and left of the connectors.

retina screen

IPads equipped with a Retina notch offer a much better resolution than the others (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation).

And, from late 2012 (iPad 4), this type of screen has become the norm for all.

3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection

IPads are also distinguished by their connectivity. Some only have Wi-Fi, others combine WiFi and data (via a micro-SIM card).

These were developed from the 3rd generation, early 2012.

Storage space

The last thing that will help you identify your iPad is its storage capacity (32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB).

To find this information, go to General information capacity.

If it has a space of 512 GB, then you are in possession of a iPad Pro 2017. You just have to measure it to determine if it is the version 10.5 inches or 12.9 inches.

LiPad 2018 is the latest iOS tablet. This iPad 6th generation has a memory of 32 GB or 128 GB, its screen size is 9.7 inches. It is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

For a detailed description of all iPads and their technical specifications, visit Apple.

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