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5 things to do with your new Windows laptop

diciembre 2, 2019

You have just returned from the store with your new laptop. Do not rush, it is necessary above all to carry out some operations: you will find below the first things to do with your new PC.

1. Connect to the Internet and update the system

The Windows configuration will guide you through the steps necessary to connect a WIFI network, but for the first boot I strongly recommend the cable connection to the modem via an Ethernet cable.

The cable connection excludes all the typical problems of wireless networks (password connection, slower speed, etc.), which allows the new laptop to update the system and all the drivers in the first few minutes of setting up. under pressure. Some redmarrages and hop, the round is played.

google wifi connections
Cable connection is generally recommended because it is more stable. AndroidPIT

2. Protect yourself from bad intentions

You might think it's worth repeating today, but it's important to know that adequate protection against online attacks is crucial. Usually, a new laptop arrives home with already two installed antivirus systems. The first is Windows Defender (unobtrusive and invisible because integrated in the system) and an antivirus chosen and pre-installed by the manufacturer.

The first can not be removed, the second is usually a free trial of a few days. After deleting the evaluation program, download and install your preferred software. If you do not have one, we can recommend it to you.

The article above shows the best antivirus for Android, but some can be installed on the desktop. It is also possible to buy packages including a PC and smartphone license in some cases.

androidpit antivirus 2
It is better to prevent than to heal. AndroidPIT

3. Give Microsoft applications a chance

Yes I know, I should be the last to give you such advice. I think this point is really important for most of you.

I think it's interesting to give a chance to Microsoft's preloaded programs. Messaging and calendar are two of my favorite Windows 10 applications, for example. They are not perfect for busy business people who receive 100 emails a day and have many hours loaded, but they are very efficient and already integrated into the system, which you quickly install additional software.

microsoft photo companion
Synchronization between PC and smartphone? No problem. Google Play Store

OneDrive and OneNote can be very useful for cloud synchronization of important files on all your PCs. Microsoft Edge has also been improved with updates and now has many advanced features. You can even download some Microsoft applications to your smartphone so that your online life is perfectly synchronized.

Microsoft Launcher
Install on Google Play

Microsoft Outlook
Install on Google Play

Microsoft OneDrive
Install on Google Play

Microsoft Edge
Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

4. Install your favorite programs

The time has come to install your favorite programs. I recommend that you do this before copying all your personal files, this will save you time in case of malfunction.

Once you've installed your main programs such as Adobe, Chrome, Steam, Spotify, CAD programs or whatever, open them and make sure everything is working properly. Once everything works, it's time to skip step 5.

AndroidPIT Opera browser 2
Chrome overruns the unica alternativa ad Edge. / ANDROIDPIT

5. Copy only essential files and protect them

Do you really want to populate your new PC with all your files you never use? Why also copy the download folder and this standard folder that you have kept on the desktop but contains unnecessary files? My advice is to take a little time to select only really essential files.

Documents, photos, music and videos can be safely left on an external memory and use the available space in the memory of the laptop for other programs or games. Nothing prevents you from accessing the files of your external memory when you need them.

Once you have copied into the computer the files you need, I advise you to keep everything safe. Antivirus is not enough to protect you from ransomware attacks, and for this reason, we recommend that you trust a ddi software, such as Acronis Ransomware Protection.

What are the first things you usually do on your new PC?

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