2018 MacBook Air keyboard has a fault

2018 MacBook Air keyboard has a fault

Despite its typing comfort and the little noise it generates, the keyboard of the MacBook Air Retina (marketed since November 7, remember) is already starting to be talked about, and not for the better.

Apple seems not to have learned the lessons of the past since the keyboards of the MacBook Pro models released in 2016 and 2017 had an unfortunate tendency to break down. However, it is precisely the same “butterfly” keyboard as that integrated in the latest MacBook Air Retina.

Since last year, these models have been fitted with a thin protective membrane which means that dust cannot be encrusted under the keys. Does this protective layer fulfill its role to perfection? Apparently not, since Lewis Hilsenteger, owner of the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, complains of a malfunction on the keyboard of his MacBook Air.

This problem is the subject of a video in which the man shows by a simple test how much it can hinder the current use of his keyboard. In this case, it is the "e" key that is affected, a simple keystroke causes the letter to appear two or three times, completely randomly. In some cases, the key is not even taken into account.

The problem does not seem isolated since several of our fellow owners of a 2018 MacBook Pro – equipped with the same butterfly keyboard – indicate that they have the same concern. Some even have to replace the keyboard several times, a handicapping operation since it requires the replacement of the entire top case.

Fortunately, the repair is supported by Apple's after-sales service for a period of four years from the date of sale of the product. However, the 2018 MacBook Air is not (yet) part of the list of devices eligible for the program. Time will tell if the concern encountered by the videographer spreads among MacBook Air users.