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2012: the year of Apple's revival

2012: the year of Apple's revival

2012. A busy year for Apple. The IT giant has renewed almost all of its product range, beat new sales records and embarked on a new turn by democratizing some of its products. A hard-line strategy aimed at countering the Android offensive, now carried out on all fronts. An overview of the apple brand’s disappointments and successes in 2012.


The year of all records

Sacred most expensive company in the world, Apple saw its results soar throughout the year 2012. The apple brand not only recorded record sales in January and December but also saw its share soar on the stock market to reach new heights , before going down a bit. If the long-term of the firm remains uncertain, the short-term looks under the best auspices for the computer glove, which could experience a new record year in 2013.

As much on the side of tablets as on smartphones, Apple occupies a dominant position in the United States. If it sees its market share decline significantly globally, it is mainly because of the price of competing terminals and emerging countries, where the vast majority of smartphone buyers cannot afford to put more than 200 euros in a device. An extremely desirable luxury object, the iPhone attracts all the lusts, to the point of increasing crime in New York and pushing organized crime to attack the stocks of devices, including in Belgium.

A wise competition

On the competitive side, little or no revolutions. Samsung may have made a splash with its Galaxy S3, but the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 continue to sell in larger proportions. HTC, RIM, LG and Nokia have lost significant market share and are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with such tough opponents. Certainly, Nokia seems to have decided to return to the game with its range of Lumia terminals, and RIM is preparing the arrival of its BlackBerry 10 terminals, but Apple is staying a step ahead of the two companies.

In the tablet segment, the situation is even more advantage of Cupertino. Only the 7 ″ seem to have taken a real advantage over Apple thanks to the sharp prices of manufacturers offering Android tablets.


A whole range of new products

From the iMac to the iPad, including the iPod and the iPhone, Apple managed to propose an overhaul of almost all of its products in 2012, considerably boosting its sales and its presence on the market. While sales of computers and MP3 / MP4 players are slowing, the success of tablets and smartphones is pulling the IT glove forward.

Despite some critics who do not hesitate to tackle the lack of creativity of the glove, Apple has managed to achieve a nice tour de force and has even allowed itself to surf the success of its competitors by offering a new generation iPhone with '' a bigger screen and a reduced iPad to face on their own ground the Kindle and the Nexus 7.

In 2013, Apple should continue on its spear since rumors already speak of the iPhone 5s, the iPad Mini 2, the fifth generation iPad and even a certain iWatch.


Some mistakes

If iOS 6 has been welcomed with open arms by the community, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system has also brought a new “homemade” map system, which has established itself as a replacement for Google Maps. Fortunately, the image of Siri, Plans will improve over time. In any case, this is what the American glove promises us. “The best will come"The company said in a statement a few days after the launch of Maps. This little reminder also prompted Cupertino to review his strategy. The iOS pre’s departure both touched some fans and cheered on a handful of users, who see this event as a harbinger of change. With or without Forstall, Apple will try to satisfy the habitus of iOS, who see no annoyance that the glove does not change the interface, and more critical users, who would like to discover more new features.

As for those who still don't understand Maps, they can always fall back on the two alternatives, with the excellent Google Maps on the one hand and the much younger Here by Nokia on the other.

On computers, the arrival of the new version of OS X, nicknamed Mountain Lion, has also received a favorable reception from users, with a high adoption rate at launch and new functionalities welcome. The operating system managed to take advantage of its discount price – 15.99 – to establish itself quickly. More user-friendly, more social and more ecological, Mountain Lion gives fresh air to old terminals and should undoubtedly offer a nice facelift to your machine if you haven't installed it yet!

As for legal issues with Samsung, the future looks more than bright for Cupertino. The American glove not only won his lawsuit against his Korean rival, but would also begin his separation with the other branches of the group. Samsung's lawsuits have led the Korean manufacturer to incur a multi-billion dollar sanction that could chill the glove from trying to attack the big apple again. Apple, for its part, also appears to have lowered the alert level by a notch, and would favor cross-licensing with its rival.

Despite the lack of risk taking, and the relative failure of Plans, Tim Cook’s contract is pretty full. The new CEO of the apple brand has taken full control of the brand and is staying the course set by Steve Jobs. 2013 should undoubtedly answer the last questions from Apple-addicts, who will closely follow the brand's next announcements to verify the promises of Cook and his team.

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