20 tips and tricks that will change your life on iPhone

20 tips and tricks that will change your life on iPhone

Do you really think you know everything about iOS? Even if you use Apple's operating system on a daily basis, there are bound to be some little tricks that you don't know about.

Very numerous, they sometimes take the form of a simple gesture in an application, or of a specific action on an area of ​​the screen. Here are a few that should change your life.

1. Quickly move the text cursor

This is one of the most useful cache functions that exist on iOS. Known by some users, it is still ignored by too many not to mention it.

When you need to correct long text, it is possible to move the cursor quickly and precisely by keeping your finger pressed on the space bar to transform the diOS keyboard into a trackpad.

Since iOS 13, you can also move the cursor directly by sliding your finger over the text.

2. Add audio to your video screenshots

If you happen to record from time to time what is happening on your screen, be aware that it is also possible to add your own audio commentary.

Do this when you deploy the Control center, keep your finger pressed on the screen recording button. You should see an option to activate the microphone on the iPhone to include sound recording.

3. Move multiple apps at once

Organization maniacs generally know this trick quite well. To move several application icons from one page to another of the iPhone home screen, keep your finger pressed on the first application and select Change the home screen.

Then keep your finger pressed on the first application to move, then tap all the other applications you want to move. The icons should all group together under your finger. Then you just have to let go from one page to another with your free hand, then release your finger on the page or in the folder where you want to store your apps.

4. Hide the favorites bar in Messages

The Messages application bookmarks bar, which allows you to use applications in messaging, can be hidden.

To do this, simply make a long press on the icon of theApp store. The bar should disappear until you press the button on the App Store.

5. Select multiple messages in Mail

In Mail, but also in Messages, you can quickly select multiple conversations by swiping two fingers up or down.

6. Clear numbers in the calculator

Have you just started a calculation and are you mistaken in tapping one or more numbers? You can erase them very simply by sliding your finger over them, to the right or to the left.

Also to discover on video

7. Close several applications at the same time

Are you one of the users who likes to killer apps when they no longer use them?

To go faster, it is possible to close several applications simultaneously. Display multitasking diOS, and send applications upwards using several fingers at the same time.

8. Fill in the URLs

Don't waste any more time writing .fr, .com, .org, etc. when you enter the URL of a site in the address bar of Safari. Hold your finger on the dot to bring up the different areas directly.

9. Master touch gestures

iOS 13 has introduced a number of new touch gestures to quickly select or copy and paste text, but also to undo or redo an action. A demonstration is often better than a long speech.

10. Quickly access updates

In iOS 13, Apple has introduced several new features for application management. One of them directly concerns the page dedicated to application updates. From now on, you must open the App Store and press its avatar to access the updates page.

You can also open it directly by keeping your finger pressed on the App Store icon or an option Updates is available.

11. Find a word on a web page

Researching a web page is not always easy from a smartphone. This function is certainly old, but it is always worth remembering: you can easily search for a term in a web page.

To do this, go to the address bar, enter the word search WITHOUT press Enter, then at the bottom of the suggestions tap Search LeMotRecherch line On this page.

You can also find this function from the sharing page under the title Search this page.

12. Quickly switch accounts in the Gmail app

Google recently changed the behavior of its Gmail application. Whereas before you had to open the main menu to switch from one account to the other, it is now enough to slide your finger down on your profile photo.

13. Increase the bullet indentation in Notes

If you frequently make smart lists in the Notes iOS application, be aware that it is possible to quickly increase or decrease the indentation of the latter.

Simply slide your finger to the right or left to increase or decrease it.

14. Decrease the torch intensity

Lighting up with the iPhone flash, everyone knows. But did you know that it was possible to decrease the intensity of the flash lighting?

Hold your finger on the torch from the Control Center, and adjust the amount of light you want using the slider.

15. Use the replace function to write faster

iOS has already integrated the possibility of replacing certain keyboard shortcuts with specific terms, sentences, or characters. This can be extremely handy, for example to write a long sentence that you are used to, by typing only a few characters.

But the keyboard replacement function can also be used to enter characters or formulas that do not exist on the diOS keyboard. If it is possible to describe (degree) by holding a finger press the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard, no official solution exists to enter figures by exposing. If you wish to refer to a volume (m3) or an area (m2), the diOS keyboard cannot do this unless you divert the use of the Replacement function.

Open them Rglages diOS, enter General, then in Keyboards, then access the menu Replacement.

Push the button +, fill in the expression you want to use (by copying and pasting the special terms or characters from safari for example, in the case of the figures above), and indicate the Shortcut use.

In our case, by typing the Shortcut ^ 2 on the keyboard, iOS will automatically replace this expression with 2.

16. Activate one hand keyboard

To write text comfortably with one hand, iOS offers to use an adapted keyboard that can be used on one side or the other of your screen so that it is fully accessible with your thumb.

You can activate it by keeping your finger pressed on the world map of the keyboard, then by choosing to paste the right or left keyboard using the appropriate icons.

17. Activate the player mode of Safari

Safari mobile, the diOS web browser, offers a reader mode which allows you to display the content of a page in a reworked format, which is more comfortable to read.

You can activate it quickly by holding your finger on the button ATAT displayed in the address bar (rather than pressing ATAT, then click on View player).

18. Close all tabs at once

Very often, the tabs opened in Safari remain open indefinitely. iOS 13 changed the game by allowing users to automatically close tabs after a given period.

To do this, open the Rglages, go to Safari, then in the section dedicated to tabs, enter Close tabs. Choose the length of time after which you want the tabs to be closed.

You can also do the cleaning manually and close all the tabs at once. Keep your finger pressed on the button for changing tabs and press Close the X tabs.


19. Display the reception time of a message

In Messages, you can display the sending / receiving time of the different messages in a conversation by pulling the conversation to the left with a finger.

20. Activate / deactivate AirDrop and wireless connections

Getting spammed via AirDrop is surprising the first time. The wireless file exchange module from Apple is indeed often used by little jokes to send an image accompanied by text, not always in the best taste.

In principle, to deactivate AirDrop or restrict it, you must go to the Rglages, then in the menu General.

But it is also possible to access it directly by deploying the Control center then by making a long press on the wireless connections. You can then manage AirDrop as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooh connections, or activate / deactivate Connection Sharing on the fly.