20 tips and hidden features for Facebook Messenger

20 tips and hidden features for Facebook Messenger

In recent months, more and more users are turning away from Facebook in favor of other platforms. But many people keep a profile on the social network, sometimes emptying it of their data, to continue using instant messenger Messenger. Because it is clear that the Facebook messaging application is as practical as it is effective. It allows you to keep in touch with longtime friends without having to ask them for their phone number, but above all makes it easier to hold group conversations.

As simple as it is, Messenger contains many secrets and hidden functions. Here's everything you need to know to master Facebook messaging like a pro.

1. Activate Dark Mode

For several months now, more and more developers have been offering dark themes for their applications and websites. In addition to reducing eye strain, especially in poorly lit environments, the use of a dark theme saves the battery of your smartphone if it is equipped with an OLED screen.

To enjoy it on iOS as on Android, open Messenger, and tap on your profile photo at the top left. An option Dark mode should then be available. Activate it to immediately switch the messaging interface from white to black.

2. Momentarily turn off notifications

If Messenger is very useful for taking part in group conversations with your friends, the notifications received with each message can quickly become annoying. Never mind, Messenger offers an option to temporarily cut the whistle.

On iOS as on Android, open Messenger then slide your finger to the left on the discussion you want to silence. Then press the icon with a bell and choose the length of time you want the conversation to be muted.

On the web, open the conversation, click on the icon showing a cogwheel and choose to Mute the conversation.

Again, you will be asked to choose a time period during which no notifications will be sent for this conversation. Then validate by clicking on Mute.

3. Leave a conversation

If practical, group conversations can sometimes become overwhelming when it comes to notifications. To avoid this, it is possible to mute the conversation, as seen in the previous step, but you can also choose to leave it permanently if you no longer want to contribute to it.

To do this, on iOS and Android, enter the conversation and tap on the group name to access the settings. Scroll through all the options offered and press Leave discussion (iOS) or Leave group (Android).

On Messenger online, access the conversation options and simply click on Leave group.

4. Respond to a specific message in a conversation

The more people there are in a group conversation, the more difficult it becomes to follow and respond to the different messages posted. There is, however, a way on Messenger to directly respond to a specific message in a conversation.

On iOS and Android, open a conversation, and drag the message you want to reply to the right. The reply field should automatically include the message you are about to reply to.

From the Messenger web interface, place the mouse cursor next to the message to which you want to reply, click on the three small dots and then on Responding. Again, the reply field should automatically include the message you are replying to.

5. Deactivate your online status

You keep a Facebook window open to view your feed but don't want your contacts to know you're online. It is quite possible to appear offline, both on smartphone and on PC.

On iOS and Android, open Messenger, tap your profile photo to access the application settings, then enter the menu Online Status to deactivate the option.

From Facebook, click on the icon showing a cog wheel displayed in the Messenger area, and select Disable Online Status.

6. Share your location with loved ones

Messenger mobile applications, both iOS and Android, include an option to share your location in real time. Very practical, this function will allow, for example, a loved one to follow you on a map during a journey that you make alone.

To activate it, enter a conversation, press the button allowing to access the options figur by a + or four points left of the input field, place yourself on the tab Location figur by an arrow, and press the button Share my location.

Natively, your location will be shared for a period of 60 minutes. However, you can end it at any time by pressing Stop sharing my current location.

7. Delete a message sent in error

Have you mistakenly sent a message to the wrong recipient on Messenger? Do not panic, it is quite possible to delete the messages you send on Messenger. However, there are several cases.

To delete a message in Messenger on iOS and Android, press and hold the message to bring up the options. If it is possible to react to the message using a smiley, you can especially choose to Remove in the options bar displayed above the keyboard.

From the web version of Messenger, hover over the message with the mouse and click on the options button represented by three small dots and click on Remove.

If the newly sent message has not yet been read by the recipient, you can delete the message from the conversation for you and the recipient.

However, if the message has already been read by the recipient, it can only be deleted in your conversation and will remain displayed in that of the recipient.

8. Open Messenger without Facebook on your PC

Chat on Messenger from a PC does not necessarily require you to open a Facebook window. Messenger is accessible from a dedicated URL, messenger.com, which automatically opens instant messaging in full screen in the browser, without the social network navigation bar visible when you click on View all in Messenger when you deploy the appropriate menu from Facebook.

Chat in Messenger (Free)

9. Share documents

Let's be honest, sharing documents in Messenger may not be the best idea in the world.

However, if you have no other means at hand, Facebook instant messaging will allow you to send any document (PDF, Word, etc.) to a loved one very easily.

From your PC, log on to the online version of Messenger and simply drag and drop your file into the conversation window. Press the Enter key on the keyboard to confirm sending the file.

10. Make audio and video calls

Rather than sending messages to each other, why not just call each other in audio or video directly from Messenger?

If this is nothing new, these functions still seem to be little used in messaging. Main advantage, if your friends do not use the same video calling applications as you (FaceTime on iPhone, Google Duo, or WhatsApp), you will necessarily be able to reach them thanks to Messenger.

11. Play in Messenger

We don't just chat in Messenger, we can also play it. From the web or mobile version, Facebook instant messaging lets you measure your friends in various games.

Open a conversation on your smartphone, then next to the keyboard, press the options button located next to the input field, press Games, then Start playing. You can then choose from dozens of games to confront your interlocutor.

In the same way from Messenger on the web, enter a conversation and click on the button appearing on a joystick, displayed next to the discussion field.

12. Disable message preview

What is more annoying than the loss of a Facebook conversation that appears on your locked screen in front of a pair of prohibited eyes? To avoid this kind of situation, you can modify the configuration of the notifications of the application so that the previews of the received messages no longer appear.

On iOS, this setting is not made from the application, but directly in the iPhone settings. Open them Rglages, then in the menu Notifications, access the options of Messenger. Then enter the menu Show previews, and choose Never.

On Android, open Messenger, access the application options by tapping on your profile photo at the top left, then enter the menu Sounds and notifications. Disable the option Notifications overview.

In addition, if you want to deactivate the speech bubbles that appear constantly on Android, simply go to the notification preferences of Messenger and deactivate the option Active chat bubbles.

13. Activate the data saver on Android

The Android Messenger application includes an option to save your mobile data.

To take advantage of it, enter the messaging options by pressing on your profile photo, enter the menu Data saver, and activate the option.

Once in place, the photos and videos you receive on Messenger are not automatically downloaded if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. You will need to press on them to start their repatriation before you can view them.

14. Encrypt your conversations

Few users are aware of the option, but Messenger includes a feature Secret conversations. You will find it by going to the application options, then entering the menu Secret conversations.

Your messages will then be encrypted from start to finish and you can decide, if you wish, to delete them or have them disappear automatically after a defined period.

To function, the option must be active on your smartphone as well as on the recipient's device.

15. Give your contacts a nickname

Your friends' names can be changed in conversations if you want. Messenger allows you to enter a nickname to replace the full name of your loved ones with whom you are chatting.

From the iOS or Android application, open a conversation and press the name of your contact to access the options. Then enter the menu pseudonyms, and press each of the participants' names in turn to assign them a nickname.

On the web interface, open a conversation, open them options of it and click pseudonyms. Then click on each participant to define a new nickname to replace their full name.

16. Search for a message in a conversation

Rather than going up the thread of a conversation to find a specific message, it is possible to search for it directly. This requires opening the conversation in the Messenger web interface.. If the right side pane dedicated to the details of the conversation is not displayed by default, activate it by clicking on the button i displayed at the top right.

Then click on Search in conversation to bring up a search box above the conversation. You just have to enter your search and validate by pressing Enter to display the results, highlighted in yellow.

17. Create reminders

On mobile, Messenger integrates a very practical function allowing to set reminders in a conversation. Ideal for arranging an appointment and quickly knowing the number of attendees without having created a dedicated event in Facebook, you will find the function by pressing the four dots displayed on the left of the input field. Then press Reminder, define a date and time for your event, as well as a place and confirm.

The Reminder created will be displayed in the conversation on the Web version of Messenger as well as on mobile applications.

18. Send a Like glove

Usually used when you don't have time to answer (or you don't know what to answer), the like, shown by the blue thumb in conversations, can be sent in different sizes.

From Messenger on the web or mobile application, simply hold your finger or the click of the mouse on the blue thumb to make it magnify, and release to send it.

19. Customize the color and emoji of the conversations

The interface of Messenger conversations and the associated emoji (by default the blue thumb of Like) can be modified. To do this, open a conversation and enter its settings. Enter the menu Color to change the associated accent color, then in Emoji to select the default emoji.

20. Quickly access photos and videos of a conversation

Like to easily find a message (tape 16), there is a simple way to find a photo or video posted in a conversation without having to go up the whole discussion.

On the Android and iOS application, enter the conversation, access the options by tapping on the recipient's name displayed at the top of the interface, and enter the menu See photos and videos.

From the Messenger web interface, open the conversation in the full Messenger interface and click on the button. i displayed at the top right.

In the side pane that appears, scroll down the section Sharing photos if it is not already done and click on the images to display them. You can then scroll through them in a carousel.