20 best social media plugins for WordPress

A strong social media presence can dramatically increase your blog reach when using WordPress. Here are 20 social media centric plugins to improve your WordPress blog.

Best social media plugins for WordPress

1. Mashshare

Share buttons built into your blog content encourage users to share your posted material on their favorite social media feeds. This plugin offers specialized sharing buttons, such as the ones that show how many other people have also distributed the content on their social media feeds.

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2. WordPress to HootSuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management tool that enables job scheduling and more. Using the WordPress to Hootsuite tool, bloggers send their WordPress content directly to Hootsuite, then use Hootsuite to determine the best way to distribute it on social media platforms.

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3. Social account plus

This plugin provides simple and eye-catching digital and iconic additions to your WordPress blog that tell viewers how many followers you have on different social networks or how many times people have “liked” the blog or posted on Facebook. It also has a comment counter.

Consider using Social Count Plus when your primary goal is to get more social media followers and you want to see visual evidence of successful results – or note the most successful posts you write.

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4. Social media icons

There are so many social media plugins for WordPress that it’s easy to download too many premium options and realize you’ve gone over budget. You could put this one on your list of the best free WordPress plugins.

It displays social media icons as a floating bar on your WordPress blog. Then the icons move around the page as people scroll. You can also choose from over two dozen styles to suit your blog’s existing theme.

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5.social war

If you are a new blogger or just want to install the coolest WordPress plugins, Social Warfare is worth a look as it offers multiple social media features in one tool.

Besides making it easy to add share buttons, this plugin has a social recovery feature that preserves your share count even if you move to another domain. Create shareable quotes and personalized Twitter content to improve your reach.

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6. Social connection

If people think the process of registering your WordPress blog is taking too long – and they need to remember more login details – they might not. But without an account, they probably can’t leave comments on your blog and let you know which posts they liked best or how you could improve.

The social login plugin works with a person’s existing social media account and allows them to register and log in as a visitor to your WordPress blog using social media details instead of filling in at new registration fields.

The plugin is compatible with over 30 social sites. It is also fully compliant with all US and European data protection laws.

Download from WordPress.org

7. Revive Old Post

Evergreen content can drive as much social media traffic to your site as new content, if not more. You can make sure your social media blog subscribers are seeing your old posts by using this useful plugin.

You can also change the plug-in’s settings so that it automatically posts content to Facebook and Twitter. Revive Old Posts offers hashtags to use based on the topics covered in the old document. By including them in the main post, you can improve social media performance.

Download from WordPress.org

8. Instagram feed

You can get the gist of what this WordPress plugin does by looking at its name. It allows you to display one or more publicly accessible Instagram feeds on your blog.

In addition, it offers full customization of the flow display. Put them all on one page of your blog or scatter them over several pages. Manipulate the size of the streams and the size of the displayed images.

Download from WordPress.org

9. Better Click to Tweet

Even if people create accounts on your blog, they may need additional encouragement to share the posts on Twitter. This plugin provides that for them. It’s free and lets you highlight some text that people can click to share on their Twitter feeds.

This plugin is especially useful if you’re trying to become more of a social media authority and want people to pay attention to what you say and appreciate them. Also choose whether the resulting tweets include your blog URL.

Download from WordPress.org

10. Blog to Social

Blog to Social is a reasonably priced social media manager for your blog that also offers a free version. If you upgrade to a higher tier, rates start at less than $ 7 per month.

This plugin allows you to automatically share WordPress posts across multiple social media accounts to maximize your promotional capabilities. Then, if you decide to pay for the service, automatically post your new posts to social media as soon as you hit the “Publish” button on the WordPress interface. You can also choose the best time for your posts to reach the general public, based on your assessments of user habits.

There are also personalized sharing opportunities that allow posts to be edited with hashtags or individual comments for each social network used. Second, the content appears more personalized to readers associated with a particular channel.

Download from WordPress.org

11. Monarch

Over 500,000 people use Monarch to improve their social media presence with WordPress. This is not surprising, considering that this plugin offers more than 80 themes. It is compatible with more than 20 social networks. Plus, when deciding where to place your share buttons, Monarch lets you choose from five possible locations.

PS: we love Monarch and have been using it for a long time <3

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12. Super Socializer

Despite not charging you a dime to use the plugin, Super Socializer offers an incredible amount of customization for the social media buttons on your WordPress blog. You can make thousands of settings on the buttons depending on their size, color, design, etc.

In addition, it is not necessary to register to use the plugin. Just download and install it, then start seeing how easy it is to make your social media sharing buttons appear the way you like them.

Download from WordPress.org

13. WP social sharing

Most of the plugins covered so far offer multiple functionality, and this is desirable for many WordPress bloggers. However, you might prefer a lightweight option that only allows you to add share buttons to the blog, especially if you are just starting to grow your social media presence through blogging.

In that case, try WP Social Sharing. It provides share buttons for seven well-known social media sites. You can also rearrange the buttons or add the buttons to the start or end of your content.

Download from WordPress.org

14. Social pug

Social Pug offers free and premium versions, letting you choose the one that best suits your needs. The free version works with five of the biggest social media networks and offers four spots for social media buttons. Additionally, you can edit the button labels to maximize engagement and make the text as relevant as possible to your audience.

If you go for the premium version, it helps create social media buttons that could grab the attention of readers before they leave your blog. Additionally, there are social media buttons specifically designed for users of your WordPress site on mobile devices.

Download from WordPress.org

15. Swifty Bar

You can realize from its name that this WordPress plugin adds an information bar at the end of each post. Besides containing share numbers and social media buttons, it gives details about your blog and the content people read. It tells them the original category of the post and allows them to quickly move forward or backward through archived posts. The bar also contains average read times for posts, allowing users to schedule their interaction with the material and when to do so.

Download from WordPress.org

16. AddToAny share buttons

People refer to this plugin as a universal sharing platform because it allows users to distribute your content to over 100 social media sites. There is also an email sharing feature that helps readers send content to users’ inboxes with just a few clicks.

This plug-in is designed to run in the background to minimize disruption to readers. It always loads after or at the same time as your main content.

Download from WordPress.org

17. SocialFans

SocialFans helps you track follower totals and how those numbers are changing. Besides the compatibility with dozens of social networks, it allows several possible views of these accounts. You can also change the skin colors of SocialFans content to light or dark shades, which makes it more appealing to your site.

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18. View the latest tweets

Readers appreciate knowing your social media presence without actively researching all the separate feeds you manage. This handy plugin displays your latest tweets directly on your WordPress site. While configuring the plugin, you can also customize it to display a particular number of tweets at a time.

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19. social record

Even when you write great and engaging content, people may not be motivated enough to use the share buttons. Social Locker provides the extra pressure they need to take action. It locks down premium downloadable content that users can access once they share your posts on their feeds through the existing buttons.

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20. Share the cool picture

There is no reason to restrict sharing to textual content. Cool Image Share integrates share buttons into all the images on your WordPress site. Using it could be beneficial if you are creating infographics to emphasize your main points or help people understand the importance of statistics. If you’re a photographer or in another high-image industry, image sharing could boost your reputation.

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Simultaneously grow your blogging audience and your social media impact

These plugins provide easy ways to get your blog content seen by the most people by focusing on social media feeds. After using them, it will be evident that the influence of social media and the advancement of blogging are not two separate goals, but rather aspirations that connect.