HomePod: Apple announces a release in Japan this summer

19% of Apple customers would buy a HomePod

19% of Apple customers would buy a HomePod – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconThe presentation of the Apple HomePod speaker did not have the impact of that of the iPhone ten years ago. It could yet again be a big box for the Californian firm. Tim Cook said recently that everyone will want one.

According to a study of 2,000 people in June, 19% of Apple's customers are "very interested"With the idea of ​​buying a HomePod." With such a survey, Apple's investors should rejoice, even if it concerns only the United States

19% of Apple customers would buy a HomePod

Mind you, the figure is also not ridiculous to the total population, with 13%, but there is obviously a difference between declaring yourself "very interested"and act out by buying.

Moreover, the smart speaker of Apple is no better than its first competitor at the moment since the Amazon Echo out in the lead with 17% of people declaring themselves "very interested"But the Apple device costs almost twice as much at $ 349. Behind the two leaders, we find the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home at 12%.

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