16 million infected mobile devices

Sixteen million mobile devices worldwide were infected with malware last year. Panic on board but it is immediately less spectacular knowing that it represents an infection rate of 0.68%.

These figures are those of the Alcatel-Lucent Motive Security Labs (PDF). They were obtained on the basis of the data from the Motive Security Guardian solution deployed on the fixed and mobile networks around the world and monitoring traffic of nearly 100 million devices.

Based on the infection rate of 0.68% and the 2.3 billion mobile subscriptions according to the International Telecommunication Union, the estimate is therefore approximately 16 million devices infected in 2014.

Still, there is indeed an increase in infections of mobile terminals in the world, and in particular in spyware (spyware), while Lookout has seen a drop in the volume of mobile threats to France.

malware_Android_BT-GNTAccording to the report, Android devices are now on the same level as Windows laptops for the infection rate. Note, however, that this observation was made for Windows devices connecting to a mobile network.

For Android applications, this is mainly due to the possibility (via a simple setting) of downloading applications from stores and third-party sites. The lack of control over electronic certificates (used to sign Android apps) is also pointed out.

" Android apps usually have a self-signed certificate and cannot be traced back to the developer. It's easy to hijack an Android app, inject code and sign it again ", writes the report.

For iOS smartphones, BlackBerry OS but also Windows Phone, the infection rate is quite marginal. We know that for Apple, the application distribution environment is limited and very controlled. Without jailbreak, it is only the App Store.