$ 150 free for the exchange of a Surface RT

Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced yet another price reduction for its Surface Pro 3 under Windows 8.1 with reductions ranging from $ 100 to $ 150 depending on the model (the tablet is available with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and available in several storage capacities for a price varying from 799 to 1949 dollars).

Microsoft Surface 3 2A drop in prices which also applies in France on the Microsoft store.

But obviously, the tablet is still too inaccessible for the general public to take the plunge, especially since the technical and software limits of the very first generation of Microsoft tablets, as well as its Windows RT OS have sowed doubt among users .

Microsoft is therefore deploying a new offer in the USA which is aimed at owners of Surface RT and Surface 2. The two tablets under Windows RT will not benefit from the free update to Windows 10 and to compensate for this, Microsoft offers users to use them redeem for an entry-level Surface Pro 3 with an additional reduction of $ 150.

The offer is offered for a limited time and comes in two versions, since first-generation Surface RT owners will only benefit from a $ 100 voucher, they will need a Surface 2 to access the voucher $ 150. To this, it should be added that Microsoft will check the condition and the proper functioning of the returned device to possibly adapt the value of the discount offered.

With this offer, Microsoft hopes to finally take off its sales of tablets, but also undoubtedly make room for Windows 10 and finish with the criticized Windows RT which will remain as a heavy failure for the publisher.