Apple Watch would mainly be used to display the time among users

15 minutes of taking in hand to decide

Starting April 10, users interested in the Apple Watch will be able to go to an Apple Store to try it out.

Apple Watch Tim Cook The smartwatch will be on display and it will be possible to manipulate it, but time will be limited. Thus, each user can take the watch in their hands for 15 minutes maximum, after which they should have had an idea of ​​the product and made their choice on a purchase or not.

Each Apple store should have 10 test models. Watch stocks are announced as substantial to meet a demand that Apple hopes to be strong, even if the latest polls indicate a mixed success.

Employees would be specially trained to promote the various advantages of the watch to customers. Apple would even have planned different queues: one for the curious and another for people who already have a precise idea of ​​the model that interests them.

The Edition version of the watch, the one sold for more than 10,000 euros, will not be available in all stores. These are trusted employees who will be responsible for selling them to customers, Apple offering a premium service to stick to the luxury of its device.