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15 hidden tips and functions to master Apple Plans

15 hidden tips and functions to master Apple Plans

Some time ago, let's be honest, Apple Maps was still way behind Google Maps. The Cupertino company, aware of the poor performance of its mapping application, had unveiled plans to improve Plans during the presentation of iOS 13.

In addition to a more detailed map, Apple Plans is now more precise on pedestrian routes, and has been offering routes by public transport in many French cities for a few days. The last update of the application has considerably improved the performance of Plans

For Plans' next major project, Apple intends to send its vehicles to travel the roads of France in order to collect data to further improve its application, but above all to capture images that will be integrated into a 360 view functionality, supposed to compete with Google Street View. .

In the meantime, discover all the tricks and hidden features to take full advantage of Apple Plans on your iPhone.

1. Quickly find nearby places

To quickly find nearby important places, open Maps and tap the search field to turn it on. The app should display suggestions for places to search near you. For example, press Restaurants to display the surrounding establishments on the map.

By scrolling down the lower pane, you will get the complete list of restaurants near you. Each of them has an illustrated sheet of photos and enriched with comments directly from several services such as LaFourchette, Yelp, TripAdvisor or the PagesJaunes.

2. Display a 3D view of the buildings

When viewing classic map mode, you can quickly switch to a 3D building display by swiping two fingers up the screen.

To get an even more interesting view, press the i button, at the top right, and select the Satellite view. In big cities, you will get a 3D aerial view of the places you are looking for.

3. Fly over the big cities

For some cities, Apple Plans offers a function Flyover which allows you to visit it virtually by flying over it. You can try your luck, with very many cities in the world, in France, you will have to be content with about fifty major cities and tourist places.

Look for one of these cities in the field provided and press the button. Flyover. You can manually move your iPhone in space to explore the city from the sky, but also press the button Start the city tour to initiate a virtual tour automatically.

4. Display the map of public transport

In recent weeks, Apple has added the map of public transport in many cities. If for the smallest, the application does not integrate all the means of transport available, for the largest such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux or even Strasbourg, you can display in detail the stations of the different transport lines .

Search for a city and zoom in on its map. Then press the button i, at the top right of Plans, and go to tab Transport.

The map should automatically display the transportation lines in color. By zooming in a little more, you can even display the stations of each of them.

5. Calculate a route by public transport

The advent of public transportation in Apple Plans is great news. From now on, it is possible to easily find a route by public transport in all cities directly from Apple Plans.

Several routes can be proposed and the transport options can be modified according to the means of transport which you wish to privilege. For each route, Apple Maps displays the detailed route including the walking phases and connections.

6. Use an alternate route

Whether you are looking for a route by car, foot, or public transport, often the first route suggested by the application is the one you choose. However, the application most of the time has several alternative routes under the elbow.

To display them, fully extend the search pane upwards. If the suggested routes do not suit you, you can display others by pressing Alternative.

7. Share your exact location

If for some reason or another you need to share your exact position or display your GPS coordinates, press the icon with an arrow at the top right of Maps to locate you on the map, and press the blue dot which illustrates you for get details.

In addition to an approximate address, you will get your exact GPS coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). All you have to do is press the button Share my location to send these coordinates by SMS, e-mail, etc.

8. Add favorite places

To allow you to keep track of your favorite places, Apple Plans offers to add them to the menu of the same name, or to group them in Collections.

In Favorites, you can add, for example, the addresses of the places you frequently visit by pressing Add. You can quickly launch a route to these places when Plans open. The collections will however allow you to create categories of places which you do not want to lose the address: restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

Scroll down the search pane, and press New collection to create a new category. Then select your Collection and press the + button to search for a place and add it.

You can also add any place sought in Plans to your collections by accessing the complete file of an establishment where you should find a button Add allowing to add the moon address of your collections.

9. Choose a preferred mode of transportation

Natively, when you search for a route in Apple Plans, the application establishes a route by car. It is however possible to modify the preferences of the application for which automatically launches your routes in piton mode or public transport.

Open them Settings diOS and enter the dedicated menu Plans. In the section Preferred type of transport, select By car, Walk, or Transport, depending on your needs.

All the routes you will look for in Plans will be made in priority for the means of transport you have chosen.

10. Delete your search history

All searches carried out in Plans are saved by the application, which suggests them in Recent Searches once the search component has been deployed. To delete them, deploy the search pane and simply press To erase.

11. Share the estimated time of arrival

When you search for a route by car and use navigation, you can easily share ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), understand your estimated arrival time, with your loved ones.

To do this, in navigation mode, deploy the lower pane, press Arrival time sharing and select the contact (s) you wish to keep informed.

If loved ones with an iPhone can follow you directly from the Maps application on their device, those with an Android smartphone will receive a simple text message indicating your arrival time, with update text messages in the event of a change.

12. Avoid Highways / Pages

On the longest routes, Apple Maps will, as a rule, offer you the fastest route, sometimes with portions of motorways and pages. If you want to avoid them, you can indicate the application.

To do this, search for a route and, when Plans displays possible route suggestions, expand the full pane up. Then press Options by car and check the options, Pages, Highways, or both, that you want to avoid and confirm by pressing okay.

The application should automatically recalculate one or more routes taking into account these preferences.

13. Keep the sound of music

What is more annoying than listening to a piece of music or a podcast parasitized by the GPS instructions? Access options Audio directly from the navigation window during the journey and activate the option Pause audio.

each time the GPS delivers an instruction, the music or podcast sound will pause before resuming.

You will also find this option in the Settings diOS where you will have to enter the ddi menu Plans then in the submenu Driving and navigation.

14. Display the weather

Did you know that it is possible to consult the weather forecast directly from Maps? Launch the app and let it locate you.

At the bottom right of the map, a small button briefly displays the weather and the current temperature. By keeping your finger pressed on the button, a more complete weather report is displayed.

Even better, regardless of the location sought in Apple Maps, you can consult the local weather forecast, sometimes with the air quality index for the area.

15. Display the map of airports and shopping centers

In addition to guiding you outside, Apple Maps can display the internal cartography of certain buildings like Google Maps. On its website, Apple lists the airports and shopping centers whose maps are available in Maps.

In France, the Apple application can direct you to the Palais des congrs in Paris, as well as the Les 4 Temps, Belle pine, Vlizy 2, So Ouest and Rosny 2 Paris shopping centers and in the Paris region.