15 cool games like Slither.io you absolutely must try

Everyone played the classic snake game back in the days when Nokia phones ruled. The thrill and competition to see who would have the longest snake was exciting. For most people, it wasn’t just a game, but part of their childhood. With the evolution of phones and the internet, the game has also evolved into a more modern title, easily accessible to anyone, on a smartphone or PC, called Slither.io.

Much like the classic snake game, Slither.io includes a snake that consumes points to grow and with the ability to play online, hundreds of users can play together and compete against each other. Slither.io has been a big hit with gamers all over the world, but if you are bored and looking for games similar to Slither.io, you are in luck. Here are 15 fun games like Slither.io you must try:

Note : All of the games on this list are free to play, but they may include in-game purchases.

1. Agar.io

Agar.io is perhaps the most popular game on this list, with around 100,000,000 downloads. In this game, user plays like a small dot or ball instead of a snake . The goal is to consume small dots and other smaller players to grow in size. As the player grows, the ball becomes slower, but with the ability to split into smaller masses, as well as the ability to eject a mass. A multitude of strategies can be used to conquer smaller balls and climb the ranks.

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

2. Diep.io

If snakes aren’t exactly right for you and you’re looking for a casual game in which you can take down other players, then you should take a look at Diep.io. In the game, you play as a tank on a map similar to Slither.io and your objective is to shoot down floating objects while protecting yourself from other tanks on the map. You can level up your tank by shooting down items or other tanks, which will unlock new tank abilities and upgrades. Diep.io offers different game modes , including a free for all mode, a survival mode, a two or four team mode, a domination mode, a beacon mode, a labyrinth mode and a sandbox mode. Do you think you have what it takes to reach the top of the leaderboards?

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

3. Rusher.io

Rusher.io is another fun casual game like Slither.io in which you have to collect hexagons which will help you develop the spear you are carrying. You can also eliminate other players with the spear and in case you have someone on your back, you can also increase your speed by clicking the left mouse button. The game only offers one free game for all play modes and it’s pretty fun to say the least. Try Rusher.io if you are looking for a game similar to Slither.io.

Availability: Web

4. Worm.is

Worm.is is almost an exact clone of Slither.io . You control a worm, eat scattered items and try to eat your opponents. But why choose a clone? Well, the gameplay is much smoother and we must not forget the additional features such as acceleration and mass ejection, as well as the ability to zoom out on the map. In addition, the game consists of a chat section at the bottom right, which makes the game more interactive . Apart from that, the game offers different skins to customize the worm to your liking, as well as a barrier on the edges, which instantly kills your worm. You might have a hard time finding a lot of people online on the web version of the game, but you can still enjoy it with your friends if you want to.

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

5. Tankio 3D

A 3D version of the original Tankio, Tankio 3D is a tank battle arena that is played a bit like Diep.io. In the game, you control a tank on a 3D map, with the main objective of blowing up objects on the map and defeating your opponents. Completing the objectives will help you level up and upgrade your tank with a variety of weapons and other customizations. The game offers a total of 16 different types of tanks . What sets Tankio 3D apart from other games on this list is that it’s played offline and you come up against bots of this level. This makes Tankio 3D a great Slither.io alternative for those who don’t want to spend their precious bandwidth on casual gaming.

Availability: Google play , itunes

6. Mitos.is

Mitos.is is a simplified version and possibly a better version of Agar.io. It offers better mobile gaming as well as different play modes to keep the player entertained. All as for Agar.io , the players play in cells, with the objective of enlarging and devouring their opponents. It also helps to eject mass and speed up, as well as split in half and create duplicate cells. In addition to this, the game offers many improvements, ranging from potions to armor, to further enhance gameplay.

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

7. Splix.io

Splix.io might be the most different game on this list. It’s a fast paced game with a minimalist design and game mechanics similar to Snake . The game starts with a block of color and the goal is to capture more area for your speaker as you move through the open space. A snake-shaped line comes out of the block to capture the free space. But if the opponent gets stuck in your block while you are away, you lose. The game may seem simple, but with the quick movements it really seems difficult.

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

8. Snowball.io

Snowball.io is another great Slither.io alternative where, as the name suggests, you control a snowball that grows bigger as you move. You can use the snowball to chase opponents from the playing field to earn points. The game allows you to control a big snowball or split it into several small snowballs and use them to shoot your opponents. The in-game controls are fairly straightforward to master, but it can get very difficult as you progress. The game also allows you to customize your character , which is an added bonus.

Availability: Google play , itunes

9. Osmos HD

Osmos HD is another spinoff from Slither.io, which tries to do what Slither.io does, but a little differently . Unlike other games on this list, Osmos HD is a game at a single player , but it offers gameplay worthy of it. The players play as a cell which must consume motes. The movement is done by propelling the substance, but beware, too much expulsion will reduce the size of your cell at one point, making it fragile and easily consumed by larger cells. The game should be played with a balance of speed and size to consume as much as possible, and with the great graphics, the game is a feast for the eyes.

Availability: Google play , itunes

10. Arrow.io

Arrow.io is another Slither.io spin-off where you control a character with a bow and try to take down your enemies. Unlike Slither.io, the map on Arrow.io has walls that you can hide behind to protect yourself from your opponents’ arrows. As you progress you will have access to different skills that will help you defeat your opponents or protect you from their arrows. The game’s controls are pretty straightforward and it offers both single-player and multiplayer modes to keep you hooked.

Availability: Google play , itunes

11. Nebulous.io

Nebulous.io is another different version of Agar.io in which the main focus remains unchanged. You play like a drop and you have to collect points on the map to make your drop bigger. You can also consume smaller blobs to get bigger , but beware of the bigger ones, as they will devour you if you get close. The game offers more than 500 different skinswith which you can customize your blob and multiple game modes , including a single player mode, online multiplayer mode, a new battle royale mode, and much more.

Availability: Google play , itunes

12. ZombsRoyale.io

If you are a fan of battle royale games like PUBG or Fortnite and are looking for a similar, but less graphically demanding game on your mobile device, you should definitely check out ZombsRoyale.io. The game gives the battle royale genre a twist in a top down perspective and offers a number of different game modes that you can enjoy. There are the usual single player, duo and team battle royale modes, as well as a zombie fashion , a 50v50 mode , a superpower mode and a crystal shock mode. While that may not seem like much, the game even gives you the ability to customize your character with over 1000 unique customization items.

Availability: Google play , itunes

13. Orborous

Orborous is another Slither.io alternative that takes a lot of inspiration from the original game and pursues the same goal. You control a snake, collect points to grow bigger and take out your opponents. What sets the game apart from Slither.io, however, is that it offers more 325 unique skins and a number of different game modes including free for all, timed free for all, teams, timed teams, capture the flag, survival, football and domination.

Availability: Google play

14. Paper.io 2

Paper.io 2 is another great game that’s more akin to Splix.io than Slither.io. In the game, you control blocks on a large map and the main objective is to conquer the most territory by locking it in the path you leave behind . You can capture other players’ territory in the same way, but be aware that if they cross the road, you will have to start from the start.

Availability: Google play , itunes , Web

15. Snake

We cannot have a complete list of games similar to Slither.io without including the classic: the Nokia Snake game. This version of the game works in online as a flash game. The GUI looks like old Nokia greenish screens and it certainly brings a feeling of nostalgia. In the game, you control a snake on the limited map, eating spots that appear at random. As you eat you get bigger and the game ends when you hit the wall or accidentally eat yourself. The game has three difficulty levels and a ranking. Anyone in need of a dose of nostalgia should check out this game.

Availability: Web

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Check out these games like slither.io

If you have been playing Slither.io for a long time and want to change things up, the aforementioned games which are very similar to Slither.io will keep you busy for a long time. If you think we missed any of your favorite games, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments below.