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"141 steps in the design of an iPhone"

"141 steps in the design of an iPhone"

ABC’s reporting on Foxconn’s assembly lines weren't going to reveal a lot of crisp information, the scramble taken by the camraman being so well marked by Foxconn. On the other hand, ABC has released a number of interesting statistics, both on workers' living conditions and on the stages in the production of an iPhone or iPad.

ABC’s report last night on Foxconn’s production lines in China was not revealed in crisp or melodramatic detail. On the other hand, he taught us more about the employees' working conditions. They work an average of 12 hours a day, at a rate of $ 2 an hour, pay for their meals $ 0.7 and have a bed in a shared dorm for $ 17.5 a month. Respondents seemed rather satisfied with their condition, even if Foxconn boss Louis Woo gave up on a little secret by pointing out that a higher salary for his employees could be considered if Apple increased its payments Foxconn.

From a technical point of view, we also learned that the design of an iPhone is done on more than 141 taps. An iPad would be designed in 5 days and would require the intervention of more than 150 employees. A total of 300,000 iPad camera modules are said to be produced every day by Foxconn, which appears to respect workers' rights according to the report.

Interestingly enough, the FLA, which was responsible for analyzing the situation in the Foxconn factories, questions the need for employees to receive visits. Currently, those who work in the factory cannot accommodate their families. A rule that could potentially change the future despite the secrecy of the design of the various devices and the living conditions grouped in these factories. When they prove the need to see their families, employees must leave the factory and generally fly to their hometowns, a luxury that many can only afford once a year.

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[Source: Venturebeat ]