1307 Mobile, information in your iPhone

1307 Mobile, information in your iPhone

Belgacom offers a free application for iPhone of its information service: 1307.

Available on the App Store, 1307 Mobile offers you to easily and quickly find the coordinates of an individual or a company on the basis of a few research elements. Different categories are available for finding a business or a business near your location.

In the event that a search does not yield any results, the application 1307 Mobile will offer you to directly join the switchboard 1307.

In addition, you can request a route to the home of an individual or a business through the integration of "Plans" in 1307 Mobile. You will also have the opportunity to leave a message via the “Mailbox 1307”To people who did not want to publish their phone number.

1307 Mobile requires an internet connection to operate.

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