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13-year-old teenager’s iPhone explodes in the classroom

And another problem for Apple ! The apple brand is clearly struggling to do without its black cat. In recent days, the South Korean branch of the Cupertino company has had to deal with the unexpected explosion of theiPhone of a teenager. While he was at school, quietly attending his class, his iPhone became so hot that he had to warn his teacher of the coming disaster.

iPhone Explodes Korea - The iPhone of a 13-year-old teenager explodes in the classroom

The teacher immediately noted the problem: ” The student said ‘My phone is hot’. It was actually very hot, so I thought something was wrong. So I put the phone on the floor and evacuated the children ” A heroic act that surely saved several students from serious injuries: because a few seconds later, the iPhone released smoke and finally exploded in full class. No one was injured, miraculously.

Following the incident, the teen’s parents wanted to contact Apple to find out. The problem is that the manufacturer did not respond to them. They had to wait for the media coverage of the story by South Korean media to finally get an answer from the giant. And not least: the group decided to offer a new smartphone to the teenager. But without providing any explanation for the origin of the explosion.