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13-inch MacBook Pro Retina: SSD can be replaced


Posted: November 3 2016
Updated: November 3, 2016

by benjamin

After the official presentation of the new MacBook Pro during last week’s “Hello Again” keynote, the first feedback is slowly starting to appear for those who have had the privilege of testing it. This is for example the case of the blog OWC who did not hesitate to open the computer and noticed something interesting.

macbook pro retina 13 ssd can be replaced - MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch: the SSD can be replaced

After seeing open a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina without Touch Bar, the specialized site has indeed discovered that the SSD of this model is not soldered. Although this may seem trivial to some, this technical specificity constitutes good news for all those who wish to get one, since they will be able to replace it in case they wish to have more storage space. . Especially since the price of an increase in storage can be exorbitant on the official Apple store.

For the moment, we do not yet know if all the models are concerned here or if it only affects the 13-inch model without Touch Bar. It will therefore be necessary to wait for other returns from other testers to have confirmation. In the meantime, here is the video provided by OWC regarding the SSD of the aforementioned model (MacBook Pro Retina 13 ″):