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12 days of gifts: make way for games / games!

12 days of gifts: make way for games / games!

Apple continues its operation “12 days of gifts” with this time the pilots of two rather popular series that you can download for free in France, and a game for Belgium.

For this second day, Apple has decided to change the recipe by making different offers in different countries. In France, for example, The Mentalist and The Vampire Diaries are the honor. The first is a rather mature police series, while the second is a series intended for a slightly younger audience and which follows the predictions of a young woman confronted by two vampires.

You will be able to recover the two episodes more easily by launching the "12 days of gifts" application. Attention however, better to hurry because tomorrow, another gift will replace this one!

In Belgium, place Broken Sword The Smoking Mirror, an old-school adventure game based on puzzles that you can find here.

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