12 best free alternatives WinZip and WinRAR

12 best free alternatives WinZip and WinRAR

12 best free alternatives WinZip and WinRAR

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Compression is one of the most used features of PC, uses both for personal and professional use.We must compress or uncompress files to reduce their size or send the files by electronic mail. The two most popular tools this effect are WinZip and WinRAR, used by millions of people.Unfortunately, they are paid tools and most users prefer free tools.However, as almost everything is available for free on the Internet, compression tools are no exception. Many free third-party tools available on the Internet that allow you to compress files or uncompress different formats at no cost. Most of these tools can provide the same features as WinZip or WinRAR, but some tools can provide even better features.

There are tools available for Windows PC / Mac and smartphones, just select the one that works perfectly for you.Today, we will list the best alternatives WinZip and WinRaR, make your choice.

Free WinZip and WinRAR Alternatives

1. 7-Zip

7-Zip certainly deserves the first mention.It's an open source tool and totally free to use.The main reason why it is liked by so many people is its high compression ratio.It offers compression up to 10% greater than that other tools, including WinRAR and WinZip.

In addition, if you compress in its native 7z format, it can offer compression up to 30-70%. However, these numbers depend only on the type of file you are compressing. You can easily compress / decompress formats such as, 7z, ZIP, GZIP, RAR, TAR and WIM.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7)

2. B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is another great tool with a very professional interface. It supports tons of formats, including 7z, b1, zip, rar, arj, xpi, jar, txz and many others. Best of all, it offers the desktop tools and online tools.You can either download the desktop tool to compress / uncompress offline files, or use the online archiver to compress / uncompress files online without downloading software.

Online Archiver is especially useful when you are not allowed to download software to a PC due to restrictions (such as a workstation). Although it is free, it does offer some adware during the installation. So be careful and make sure you refuse all offers if you do not need them.

Tlcharger(Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)

3. ExtractNow

It is a totally free tool with a very simple interface. However, it can only compress files. What makes it a good choice is its ability to easily extract several files. You can simply drag and drop compressed files into the file. interface of the tool and click Extract to extract them all at once.

Other tools can also extract multiple files at the same time, but this tool is very simple and requires you to click as little as possible. Like other tools, it also supports all popular extract formats.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP)

4. jZip

jZip is a free tool offering similar 7-Zip compression ratios. It supports all popular formats, such as rar, zip, 7-zip, TAR and GZip. Unlike 7-Zip, it has a simpler interface with only a few options, which makes it perfect for beginners.

You will not have many customization options, all you can do is compress or uncompress the files easily. It's free, but it adds the ask toolbar as a publicity software during Therefore, check these options during installation if you do not need them.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP)

5. PeaZip

PeaZip is a powerful open source tool that is completely free. It can add powerful encryption to files, providing full protection against prying eyes. You can easily work on multiple files at the same time and choose only specific files to extract from different files.

You can also add powerful filters to narchiver than the required file types. It supports all popular formats, such as 7z, XZ, BZ2, ZIP, RAR, TAR and GZ. If you are looking for a replacement product for 7-Zip , this tool is an excellent replacement with similar features.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP)

6. Hamster Zip Archiver 4

Hamster Zip Archiver 4 is a free, simple and powerful tool. It has a unique compression method that offers an incredible compression ratio and compression 2 times faster. You can select the compression level as you like and add a word protection password to protect the compressed files.

It supports all common compression formats, such as 7z, RAR, ZIP, TAR and XZ, etc. It can also integrate with cloud services to save and share files over the Internet. However, it will offer adware during installation, keep that in mind during installation.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP)

7. Bandizip

Bandizip is a free tool without any type of adware or malware add to the program. You can scan the files before opening them for viruses and support multi-core compression. This means that if you have a PC high-end, the tool will be able to take full advantage of all the curses to provide faster and better compression.

You can also add powerful encryptions, such as AES 256 and ZipCrypto for optimal protection.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP)

8. Zip Extractor (Chrome Extension)

Zip Extractor is a free extension of Google Chrome that will allow you to extract compressed files from your PC or Google Drive to Google Drive. This is a good solution if you do not want to download applications to your PC, but do everything in your browser.

It has a simple interface and supports multiple compression formats.However, only the files will be extracted on your Google Drive, not your PC.It offers simple options to share extracted files with other users and you can extract multiple files at the same time.

Install on Chrome

9. Ashampoo ZIP Free

Ashampoo ZIP Free is another powerful compression software not to be missed.It offers almost all the basic features and is able to compress more than 30 different formats such as ZIPX, RAR, ARC, NSIS, WIM and ISO.It is also very effective for compressing files in formats such as ZIP, 7-ZIP, CAB or TAR.

Moreover,Ashampoo ZIP Free can also encrypt all archives (AES 256 bits). I can therefore recommend this tool with confidence, as a quick and reliable substitute for WinZip or WinRAR. Ashampoo ZIP Free is a free tool. Activating the full version of the tool will send your registered e-mail address prior to installation. This is one of my personal favorites, so be sure to check.

Tlcharger(Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)

10. Zipware

Zipware is the way to go if you want a simple and effective tool. It offers almost all the features you would need and it is extremely easy to use. The tool has beautiful big colored buttons on the top, with which you can easily find all the options.I know that many users may not prefer the flashy interface, but trust me, this tool is very easy to use.So, if you're tired of supporting applications such as WinZip or WinRAR, Zipware is worth a look.

The essential feature of Zipware however is its ability to scan files for viruses.Yes, Zipware is the only tool on the list that can do it, so keep that in mind. Zipware is completely free, but you can also donate if you want to support its development.

Tlcharger(Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP)

WinZip and WinRAR Alternative Android and iOS App

If you want to use compression and decompression tools while traveling, you can also get WinZip and WinRAR alternatives on your Android and iPhone.

11. Zip & RAR File Extractor (iOS App)

If you're looking for a .zip and .rar file extractor for iOS, then 'Zip & RAR file extractor' is worth checking out. It's a simple iOS app that lets you extract .zip or .rar files on iOS.This is also one of the simplest applications to use.When testing, I easily extracted a .zip file and create an archive in minutes.In fact, you can also create zip files crypts, which is great.

Download Zip & RAR File Extractor (Free)

12. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is not necessarily an alternative to compression applications, but it is a feature-rich file explorer that lets you compress and decompress files on the move. It supports multiple formats such as Zip, RAR, TAR, BZ2, GZ and ARJ. Moreover, as this is a file explorer, I guess you already know how to use it.

Since Solid Explorer is primarily a file explorer, some important features are missing, such as the ability to change compression speed, levels, and so on. But it's still an excellent choice, and I would strongly recommend using it becauseit also doubles as an excellent file explorer.

Download Solid Explorer (Free)

Best WinZip and WinRAR alternatives to use

I hope this article will help you to find the best alternative tool WinRAR and WinZIP. We have tested each of these applications and we know that they all work. If you encounter problems when using these applications, thank you for the post in the comments section below. Also, do not hesitate to share with us your favorite applications if we missed them on the list.

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