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12 best decoration games for adults (Android and iOS)

12 best decoration games for adults (Android and iOS)

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Have you ever wanted to design a house? Or do you want to become an interior designer? Are you looking for inspiration for a design project? If your answer to one of these questions is positive, then these decoration games are the ideal solution for you.

Most people would like to decorate their home, but since things in real life are sometimes too expensive. Fortunately, there are different virtual methods to keep doing it, and home decor games are one of them.

These games will give you the opportunity to design the house of your dreams without spending a penny, and when you have enough money, you can easily translate these projects into action.

Here is the list of the 12 best decoration games for adults. They are available for Android and iOS users.

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12 best decoration games for adults (Android and iOS)

1. Design Home

Design Home Design Home

Design Home is a free home decorating game that lets you design rooms and build houses in a similar way to the Sims.

By playing this game, you will get lost quickly and you will discover the pleasure of choosing the wall pattern and the dining room tables. Just like in other similar games. The more you play, the more you can win or buy. this way, you will have the choice among thousands of vases, paintings, mirrors and antique chairs so that all your patterns can seem real.

At the same time, other players can evaluate your creations and mark the canvases. In this way, if you have the choice among many objects, you will probably get 4 or 5 canvases for your design. These canvases are not only for making you feel better, but also give you a piece of furniture depending on the number of stars you get.Moreover, if you get five stars, you will also earn diamonds for your future purchases.There are far more than 40 million users, so as you can see, this game is very popular, and you can share the images of your creations on social networks such as Facebook.

By playing this game you will get up to five new challenges and each one will have a specific theme, such as designing a modern style living room for this authentic New York loft. So if you have never played this type of game , you will spend a few hours falling in this designer game. But when you do, this game could be a great source of inspiration for your actual decorations.

Other than that, the game is not completely free, so you will have to spend a little of your money on diamonds. To sum up, Design Home is a great home decoration game that lets you figure out what you like with style and make it real in your life. Try this app, it's worth it.

Price: free

Design Home Design Home

2. Design This Home


Design This Home is one of the first decorating games on the market, however, it remains a fairly popular game that gives you access to thousands of pieces to unlock and decorate.

By playing this game, you will have the opportunity to customize tons of elements in your room. You will be able to paint your walls, renovate floors, arrange cupboards and much more. In addition, you will have to rent this house to residents. , the more beautiful your house – the more money you will earn.

Speaking of graphics in this game – that’s very correct. It’s not something you are going to numb but it is enough to make the game realistic.

At the same time, the Design This Home game offers many options when it comes to the color palette and design of wallpapers or floors, however, some required in-app purchases make it easier and faster to buy new things. But you can still play this game without money, it's up to you.

More than 700 objects to unlock in this game, which keeps increasing as it is constantly updated, so you will no longer be short of options to design a house with different styles or themes. There are also nine rooms in the house that you can decorate, which guarantees a long reading time.

Once you have finished decorating a house, you can always modify the design or create additional houses. Design This Home is a fun and relaxing game that will suit all ages. And if you like to decorate or dream of becoming architects of indoors, it is recommended to try this application.

Price: free

Design This Home Design This Home

3. The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay The Sims FreePlay

There's no way you've never heard of or played a single game from The Sims franchise, so this game is basically the same as The Sims but for free and on your smartphone. It sounds like a dream, right?

Let's be clear: dream house design has always been the biggest part of Sims. It's always cool to choose the perfect wallpaper and find the right furniture for all of your Sims. If you feel the same, the Sims Freeplay are a must for you.

Talking about the design of this game – it's above the level. You can turn on your camera wherever you want and zoom in on everything you need. Everything seems simple and intuitive, so you can build your own house. dreams and place your furniture comfortably. At the same time, you will need money to buy furniture, as in real life. In this way, you can make your Sim earn simoleons (money in the game) by going to work or by selling something. Another way to make money is to just buy hit points to buy furniture and houses.

As you would expect, the level of customization here is incredibly deep. The Sims FreePlay offer so much fun and variety as anything that can possibly be personalized, so you can easily spend hours designing the room or choosing an outfit for your Sim.

Overall, The Sims Freeplay is a cool game great for decoration. It's still not the full copy of the game on PC, but all the best features are there.

Price: free

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4. Home design makeover

Home Design Makeover Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover is a nice home decorating game that lets you feel like a professional interior designer. By playing this game, you will have a job: transforming your client's old room into something that he is passionate about.

When installing the renamed you will need to design the living room for the customer named Rachel. Once you finish this task you will get a new customer and everything will repeat itself. When you have a new customer you will need to start by creating a plan that will be your basis for customizing the room. In addition, each client will have a special task for you, such as the preferred style.

At the same time, you will also discover that each element of your design can be modified by color and placed at different angles. In addition, each piece of furniture also has private space, so you will need to earn money when you run out of money with which you start the game. The coins can be won by playing match 3 (puzzle).

Speaking of the graphics in this game, it is good enough to feel real. All the pictures are very detailed and there are many aspects of the decoration that you need to cover in the plan. Another good news is that Home Design Makeover doesn't require any built-in purchase, so you can play it for free. There's an option to buy diamonds that can help you get through match 3 faster, but overall, you don't have to buy anything.

This game is not very easy to play, as some designs may take a few days. It mainly depends on your performance in match 3 and the time you spend playing per day. As you go up in height, the difficulty increases and some things can get difficult.

To sum up, this is a nice house decoration game if you like match 3 games. In this way you can have fun with the interior decoration.

Price: free

Home Design Makeover Home Design Makeover

5. Dream house: Sim Design

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dreamHouseCraft:SimdesignisaHouse ofdecorationThuwhoatatalittlelittleofaMinecraftambienceshe.ThisThuallowsyouofbuildhousesanddecorate themrooms inusingavarietyoftools.

To playthisThuyouwill beattheopportunityofto buildyourdreamhouse inusinga lotoftoolsandfurniture.ThedreamHouseCraft:SimdesignThuyouwill giveyouaccessaunlimitednumberofhousesandbedroomsdecorate.

Asyouinstalltheapplication ,youwillneedforto buildyourfirstHouse.Theset ofprocessstartspeakchoiceof theblocks.hethere isa lotoforiginbloqusgoodsthanyoucanbe inmeasuredofdbloquerwith thetimethanyou win alevelhigh.

Moreofit,theThuyougivenaccessabigvarietyofinstrumentsofDIYthanyoucanuseforthedecoration of yourHouse.YoucanMrsswitchtheclothesofyourcharacterifyouwant,thereforeheareof theclothesgoodsavailable.TheThualsoyouofferaviewcomplteso thatyoucanfullyappreciatetheappearance ofyourcharacter.Speaking of gameplay, it is very well done and user-friendly. It has simple controls allowing you to design the house of your dreams with comfort. Thousands of different tools are also available for you to be creative.

To sum up, Dream House Craft – Sim Design is a great home decorating game with lots of tools and features to try, so if you want a game that gives you the opportunity to design the house of your dreams, this one is for you.

Private: free

6. Castaway Home Designer

Castaway Home Designer Castaway Home Designer

Castaway Home Designer is a decoration game for the home that allows you to become the mayor of a tropical and the designer of all citizens at once.

To play this game, you will have to decorate the houses to earn diamonds. There are many tools to choose from to stay as creative as ever. You will have thousands of custom pieces of furniture and millions of designs for the walls. The original blocked items that will be unlocked when you level up. As long as your job is literally making your customers dream house, you need to be listening to what they like when you create a design. , you will probably get a lot of diamonds.

Speaking of the game interface, Castaway Home Designer is a true color paradise. The game is very bright, so your mood will be level when you play. The graphics are also beautiful and accurately reflect the atmosphere of a tropical.

At the same time, each house you see on the island will have its own missions to complete and rooms to decorate. Sometimes the game will even tell you how much furniture you will need to put and move in each house.

To sum up, the Castaway Home Designer game contains everything you could dream of in a decoration game: great graphics and a variety of tools to choose from. If you find it interesting, download this app now and enjoy your time.

Price: free

Castaway Home Designer Castaway Home Designer

7. Sweet home

Sweet house Sweet house

Sweet House is an application that will give you the house that belongs to you. When you start playing this game, you will have to complete the variety of missions. If you complete the missions with the webs, you will get a lot of coins and more advantages than you can change during the game.

Another option to get the coins is to connect your Facebook account. So, you will get a thousand pieces in a few clicks. Connecting to Facebook will also give you the opportunity to play the game on multiple devices and record your progress throughout the game.

Other than that, you will see that certain levels of this game require a particular number of stars, so you may have to come back to replay certain missions. While you complete the missions, you choose one of the three given settings. And if you choose the wrong one or if you just want to try another one, you can always change it by tapping on the piece of furniture and replace it with one available.This move is not expensive, so you can do it as many times as you like, try different combinations of furniture and create something unique.

To sum up, Sweet House is a cool decoration game, so if you like to design and decorate houses with your own style, this game is perfect for you.

Price: free

8. Main street: Dream House Sim

Home Street - Design your dream home Home Street - Design your dream home Home Street Home Street

9. My house – Design Dreams

Chez Moi - Crez des Rves Chez Moi - Crez des Rves

My Home – Design Dreams is a decoration game with identical matching games. At the start of the game, you will be transferred to a new house and it's time to customize it to make it the house of your dreams. number of coins, but you will spend them quickly for one or two things and need to earn more. To earn money and spend it on new stylish furniture, you will have to play matching games. To win coins for new furniture , you'll have to play matching games. Everything else in this game works simply – the better you play match 3 games, the more you earn and spend on interior decoration.

As long as you reach the 4th level, you will get everyday gifts for entering the game. These gifts will mainly be money and useful things. On top of that, if you participate in the game everyday during the week you will receive a special gift as a rare piece of furniture, so do not miss this chance. As for the interface, the game is very colorful and it will certainly improve your mood every time you play.

My Home – Design Dreams is a cool game that allows you to become an interior designer and get inspired by real projects. However, it is not a game for long periods of play because there is even a certain amount of decoration that a person can take in a day. As you can see, it is a fun game that can make your life a little more colorful and make you more familiar.

Price: free

Chez Moi - Crez des Rves Chez Moi - Crez des Rves

10. Flip house

House Flip House Flip

House Flip is a home decor game simulator that hosts a popular couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

While playing this game you will have to create and direct your own show. While you are playing, Chip and Joanna Gaines will guide you through Waco, Texas, looking for houses to renovate and decorate. Once the house is found, you will have to design it – which is quite easy in this game. You will get a list of objects that need to be improved and that's it. When you finish the task, you will get a certain number of stars depending on the number of tasks you did before the sale of the house.

As long as you are satisfied with the house you have decorated, you will have to place that house on the market for sale and wait for buyers to enter. Some buyers will ask for very low prices, like in the real world. In this way, you will need a good offer to make a profit. The profit also depends on the quality of the design that you have created.

However, you will not be able to choose where to place the items in the house and customize the color of the items, so just press the button and wait for the options to appear. Another thing that you might find disturbing is that it takes a long time to finish the house after the renovations. That way you literally have nothing to do while the game is loading. The offers for the house on sale also come once in 15 minutes so again you will have to wait.

Price: free

House Flip House Flip

11. Design My Room

Design My Room Design My Room

Design My Room is a home decorating game that lets you become a virtual interior designer. As in any similar game, the more you play, the more rewards you get.

As you install the game, you will have to design the rooms so that other players can rate it with stars. In this way, you will have to be very creative to get a score of five stars. By playing this game, you will be able to unlock objects that were originally inaccessible. All of these can be used to unlock new episodes in the main story of the game.

At the same time, the best way to make more money and diamonds if you don't get a lot of points is to meet the daily design challenges, so if you complete them daily, you will quickly unlock the treasure chests and win the rewards.

Speaking of the interface of this game, it gives you high quality visuals, so it's fun to play, and you can use the Design My Room app to learn some design tips to use in real life. For example, you can examine the points that each design project gets to see what people like and what isn't, so you can learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of other users.

Other than that, you will probably spend a lot of time progressing in this game and you will have to be patient, because one day you will reach a high level and have access to thousands of beautiful pieces of furniture in several categories.

To sum up, Design My Room is a great decoration game for the house to try. It offers you a wide variety of tools and you can take inspiration from them.

Price: free

Design My Room: Fashion Design My Room: Fashion

12. Homescapes

Homescapes Homescapes

Homescapes is a 3game match with a decoration simulator. The game begins with the star master Austin who decides to take a vacation and visit the house of his childhood. When he arrives, he finds that the house is not only in chaos, but that his parents plan to sell it and move elsewhere. Austin immediately begins repairing the house, replacing the furniture and convincing his parents not to sell and that he can help them love their house again.

This game is divided into two sections.The first is the process of renovation which allows you to choose new wallpapers and new furniture to decorate the house in the style you have chosen.The house is beautiful and richly detailed with great variety of colors and types of objects to place.

The other section of Homescapes is the puzzle gameplay. When you are not fixing the house or watching Austin for his day, you can play the current match3 game. Completing a level will allow you to move on to the next one and assign a canvas and a small number of rooms. Match 3 matches are also beautifully played and interesting to play.

Homescapes is still a fairly difficult game, so it could be aimed primarily at adults. In fact, its challenge level increases rapidly and you will find yourself stuck replaying even the first few steps.

To sum up, this is a wonderful series simulation game of 3 series of slashes that also allows you to improve your skills. If you like this kind of games, Homescapes is a must-have game.

Price: free

Homescapes Homescapes

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