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11 best apps for voice translation 2020 (Android and iOS)

11 best apps for voice translation 2020 (Android and iOS)

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We often face language barriers when we travel, move and communicate with other people in general. This is one of the biggest challenges when traveling to new countries or even if you work for a large company.

Obviously, we most often encounter such problems when we travel, and you will get many more impressions and feelings if you communicate with locals.

If you know English, of course, it will be much easier for you – more than 20% of the world's population knows it well, but what if the country you choose does not understand English? in more than one region?

In this case, you will need an interpreter, not a paper book with words or even a specially trained guide, but at least a fast mobile service.We have found for you the best 11 and above all practical voice translation applications for Android and iOS.

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1- iTranslate

The use of interpreter functions is often necessary for us without Internet access. ITranslate supports a new mode of operation, which will not entail additional costs for roaming.

Here you can start communicating in 90 languages ​​- translate texts, read sentences translated aloud, as well as search for synonyms of unknown words.

iTranslate will also record your request history – for example, if you have to repeat a question or if you translate standard sentences.

In addition to the basic version of the application, there is also the Pro version. Here, the functionality is tight and many useful functions are available – for example, instant translation using a camera and voice communication. in real time.

The most convenient is translation without an Internet connection, of course! Users say they really forget language barriers and are free to speak to people in other countries.

It should be noted that you can also take into account the grammar of languages. For example, iTranslate has full verb conjugation tables for different tenses. Speech translation works in 40 languages ​​and text translation functions work in near 100 languages.

When downloading, please note that the free version has limited functionality. You want to use voice translation? Then you will have to pay a certain price when purchasing the Pro version.

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2- Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has a long history of producing excellent applications for mobile phones, tablets and computers. One of their products is Microsoft Translator, which is popular with users and helps people communicate with each other.

Here you can translate your conversations, texts and voices of course. By the way, in addition to voice recordings, you can take photos of text or scan it from screenshots on your smartphone.

Microsoft Translator has a split-screen mode, which will help you maintain an animated conversation with your chat partner. In this mode, your sentences are translated simultaneously and the person who is speaking will immediately see what you say to them.

By the way, you can have a conversation not just between two people. In order to understand multiple people in the business at the same time, you'll need to connect all of your Microsoft Translator devices.

In this way, you can speak in different languages ​​- even if there are more than 2-3 native speakers of different languages ​​in the company (the app supports up to 100 participants).

The Microsoft Translator dictionary is composed of various sentences and also uses special guides which allow you to take into account the pronunciation of your interlocutors. In general, the application can be considered as one of the best in the field of voice translation. .

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3- Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most popular and well-known mobile translators, which has been used by everyone at least once in their life (as long as they use translators).

This service is popular among ordinary users and trusts in terms of accurate and correct translation. In its category, Google Translate ranks first in all ratings, as well as outperforming other apps by the number of downloads and reviews .

In total, Google Translate is available for translation in more than a hundred languages, but voice work can only be done with the 32 most common and common languages.

Image work can be done in 40 languages ​​from a camera and 50 languages ​​from from scratch. In offline mode, you can download up to 60 languages ​​- so you can use Google Translate even without Internet access.

To translate your own voice and understand what people around you are saying, you always need an Internet connection. To start the translation, you will need to click on the microphone icon and start speaking.

Preferably, for a more precise translation, you will have to speak clearly and legibly. If your conversation partner has also installed Google Translate on his smartphone, you can hear yourself immediately by simply logging in.

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4- Speech translator by HawsoftMob Inc.

Despite the fact that the Speech Translator application is quite popular, it has a very simple design and even a little modern. First, you have to choose the languages ​​with which you will work.

For example, you speak English and your contact is in French, you will have to choose two languages ​​for simultaneous translation. Fast and easy translation is the main feature of the application.

The speech translator is especially handy for people who are learning a new language, for example, you are training to speak and want to check if you are writing sentences and pronouncing sounds correctly.

If you pronounce everything correctly, the voice translator will immediately take your sentence and play it back as text. In doing so, the application takes into account specific pronunciation features such as missing endings or other unusual sounds.

You can translate your sentences throughout the conversation – as well as your interlocutor's aftershocks. You can enter them either by voice input or by yourself using the keyboard.

The result of your work can be shared – for example, on social networks or elsewhere. If you are not sure of your own pronunciation or if you do not want to constantly show the screen of your smartphone to the person you are talking to, you can convert text to speech and just speak using your smartphone.

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5- Speak to Voice Translator

Professional translators always say it's worth using multiple dictionaries at once to get a more precise translation of a word. Speak to Voice Translator combines 4 main translation services – Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Yandex.

The application is designed to allow you to communicate easily with strangers and to obtain the most correct translation of the sentences of your interlocutor. Speak or type the text you want to say, and Speak to Voice Translator will translate everything for you.

In fact, with Speak to Voice Translator, you simply combine multiple translation services and use them in one place, it's up to you to choose which service to use right now.

There are over a hundred different languages ​​in the application directory, which you can combine as you wish. By the way, you can use these technologies even when you are learning a new language.

Speak the phrase in your native language and Speak to Voice Translator will translate it into the language you want, so you will learn how to pronounce certain words better and correctly and to peel combinations of letters.

Your conversations can also be translated as soon as you finish the sentence. Speak to Voice Translator will be used as your own personal simultaneous interpreter, which will help you speak easily with native speakers of different languages.

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6- VoiceTra

Not all apps have a wide range of languages. Unpopular apps usually have far fewer languages ​​than the more famous Google Translate or similar. But that doesn't mean that those apps get slightly worse or less efficient.

In fact, the languages ​​represented there are not worse. One of these apps is VoiceTra. There are more than 30 languages ​​that you can use for free.

VoiceTra is easy to use and also has a user-friendly interface. Not only can you translate your own thoughts and sentences, but you can also check if the result is correct.This will not only improve your language skills, but also learn something new and gain impressions from another trip abroad.

The functionality of VoiceTra is that you can connect the application with your conversation partner and start a conversation. The direction of the translation changes automatically, depending on who is speaking.

Almost all languages ​​in the app support voice input and are great for conversations. With VoiceTra, you can easily get in touch with hotel staff, international customers, and more.

Most importantly, the application interprets the meaning out of context, rather than translating the entire sentence word for word.

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7- Voice Translator 2020

Voice Translator 2020 is one of the newest and most modern applications for instant voice translation. The application quickly translates your voice message into text and translates it into the language you want.

In addition to voice, you can translate images, screenshots and more. To start the process, all you need to do is press a button.

With Voice Translator 2020, you can translate anything you want, visit foreign websites, chat with people who speak other languages, and support online correspondence.

The app is great in real life and does not limit its users in time of use. You will easily overcome the language barrier and gain new experience in communication with strangers.

A voice interpreter can work with several languages ​​simultaneously, so that your dialogues with strangers will now be understandable for you.

The app itself has been developed by a team of translators who truly understand how important it is to convey the meaning of what is being said. Voice Translator 2020 will understand your speech even if you have speech or pronunciation issues.

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8- Translate All: Translation Voice Text & Dictionary

Now you can translate everything for sure! Translate everything is a universal service for translating your conversations, text messages or even images of labels and menus.

With Translate All, you will no longer have questions in foreign restaurants, what their menu items mean. You will now discover for yourself what inscriptions surround you in another country or what a person in a other language means.

The application works with great precision and has excellent indicators of smantic text transmission. In other words, no matter what the interlocutor has told you, you can translate it taking into account conversational or even figurative speech. .

Translating everything helps people increase their vocabulary and even examine new words and phrases in certain categories. Now you will always have a handy and clear dictionary in your pocket, so you can use it anytime.

You will be able to listen to what you have just translated in text format. That is – say if you have trouble pronouncing, with Translate all, you cannot pronounce the sentences yourself.

You can also use the application as a simultaneous interpreter: during your dialogs, you will receive two-way instant translations that will simplify all your dialogs with native speakers.

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9- Speak & Translate – Translator

IOS device users have clearly seen this app as one of the best translators. Speak & Translate has one of the highest ratings in the App Store among translators and is also popular among users.

The number of languages ​​supported in Speak & Translate is impressive for many reasons. In text translation, you can use translations in 117 languages ​​and voice translation is available in 54 languages.

Speech processing in this app is provided by Apple and is a special technology used on iOS devices in many apps that require microphone access.

In Speak & Translate, when processing your voice, language is immediately detected – this process happens automatically. You can also synchronize all your operations with iCloud and have access to certain sentences and texts at any time. In the Premium version, you can even work offline.

And if you don't want to pay for the app, you can use the free version, to do that you will need to have a network connection at all times, and sometimes you will watch promotional videos and various banners.

They only disappear in the paid version. The number of translations is also limited and you can change it. The limit is one day, so it will be more convenient to buy the advanced features of Speak & Translate if you communicate actively or speak constantly with strangers.

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10- SayHi Translate

Conversations in other languages ​​will be even easier, more accessible and understandable! With SayHi, you can speak in almost any language.

In addition, the app supports dialects, which makes it easier for other people to understand your speech – and you, therefore, understand their sentences and maintain dialogue.

You can change the language and dialect with a single click, as well as slow down or speed up the sentences produced by the application.

You can change the speaker's voice – replace the female language with the male language and vice versa (it should be noted that such a function is not available for all languages).

To start interpreting, you will need to press a special button with a microphone symbol. You can also open the keyboard – in case voice translation is not available or is not suitable for you.

You can copy and paste the received text as easily as in other similar applications. For those who want to learn a new language or who are simply involved in communicating with strangers, SayHi is ideal.

In order for you to translate your own speech, you will need to authorize SayHi to use a microphone and record your voice; without this authorization, you will not be able to work with your phrases.

To help you better understand the speaker's sentences, you can slow down or speed up your speech. You can conclude that SayHi works perfectly with voice translation and is easy to use.

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If you are learning a new language, whether traveling or on a business trip, you may need a good translator. We suggest using a parrot for this purpose! Are you surprised? you won't need a real bird.

Naver Papago is an excellent application that will help you maintain dialogues in different countries and with different people.Papago translates as a parrot, but in this case, it is the name of a brilliant bird that will help you in the translation of some languages.

The application has 13 different languages, which are the most popular in the world. You can use the two text translation capabilities for sentences, words and phrases, as well as translate and recognize text from images and of photos.

You can even translate text offline without connecting to the Internet, but in this case, we’re most interested in voice translation.

You can translate your own sentences or those of other people in real time. Speaking someone in another language, you can activate the conversation mode in Naver Papago and maintain a conversation with a stranger.

Your conversation will not be affected – you can speak at the same time and understand the other party. If you work in a foreign application or communicate with strangers, Naver Papago Mini will work with any copy of the foreign text.

With Naver Papago, you will always be sure to understand the person you are speaking to, even when you are in another country or on another continent.

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A Tokyo taxi driver, a vendor in Bangladesh or a Rome waiter – any of these people can now understand you. You can explain your requests, speak to them or show them the way, without typing text on the phone. .

All you have to do is say the sentence, and the technologies will do it for you. Now the language barrier will not become an obstacle for you and will not interfere with getting new impressions. will be a little more immersed in the culture of the country and will have the opportunity to communicate with local residents.

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