10 translators and applications for traveling without knowledge of languages

10 translators and applications for traveling without knowledge of languages

10 translators and applications for traveling without knowledge of languages

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Do you want to travel around the world but do not know languages ​​speak? Do not worry about this problem.Today, thanks to technology, you can speak almost any language as a native speaker.In this article, we will show you the gadgets, applications and translators that will help you understand and communicate with locals.

Translators who help translate any language into our language

Here is a list of the top 10 language translators.


A few months ago, the Japanese Logbar company presented the wireless translator in real time.Ili.Its strong point is that it does not need the Internet to work, which can be of great help in areas where access to WiFi is limited.

It incorporates two unidirectional microphones that capture the voice above the ambient noise and, for the moment, they translate from English to Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese, Mandarin English and Japanese.

It can be bought for 199 dollars in pre-sale, although the stocks were powerful and there is a waiting list. You can order it on the official site of ILI.


Travis is theone of the most sought-after translators. Her cover is better: she works with up to 80 languages ​​and the best thing is that she learns as you speak. "The more you use it, the better"Say the creators.

It incorporates a high-performance quad-core processor that delivers instant results and can be usedwith and without WiFi connectionand3G.

Herdrumslasts up to 12 hours and includes a headphone jack, it is useful if you do not want everyone to hear about your conversations.

You can buy it on the Travis official website.


Another device that has created many expectations is Pilot, he has a helmet that acts as an instant translator and can be a dream for those who have linguistic difficulties. You put them in the ear and you understand everything your interlocutor said.

For the moment, they are only available for Romance languages, but they soon integrate other languages.Incredible is not it?reserve this devicefor $ 249.


In the same line as above, the new parentWT2Starter Starkettle has just been unveiled.

It istwo little smart Bluetooth headsets,which translates in real time what the speaker is saying. Watch the WT2 demonstration video in its official portal of the site.

Applications that help translate any language into our language

If a device like this seems too sophisticated or you need something more immediate, you can still use some of the most assistive apps so that the language does not hinder the trip. The only requirements are your smart phone and an internet connection. Some also need a few dollars, to know the most advanced features of applications.

Google and Microsoft Translators Apps

These two translators are applications of classical and well-known linguistic translators.The Google translator supports up to 103 languages ​​and allows you to download around 50 languages ​​to work offline.

The Microsoft tool translates text and audio, is free and available for all mobile operating systems.


A more traveler-centric option is TripLingo, as it adds the translation feature with many utilities, such as the ability to learn expressions made in different languages, make calls via WiFi or take note of some cultural tips that are not not moved in any situation.


Another interesting choice, especially if you are going to Asia, is WayGo.Translate text and photos into Chinese, Japanese and Korean without connecting to the Internet.

It is one of the most precise applications of the highest quality in terms of translation, which can be transcendental with regard to the Far East.

iTranslateVoice and BabylonTouch

iTranslateVoice, which is already in its third version, and capable of translating voice in 42 languages, or BabylonTouch,Access to more than 1,700 free dictionaries is other value alternatives.

These are the 10 devices and applications to translate any language into our language.These will help us travel the world without knowing any language.I hope this article will help you choose the right device and your application in as a traveling companion.

Would you like to add other devices or applications this list? Then write them in the comments section below. We will review it and include in this article in the next update as soon as possible.

Which device or application do you use to translate any language into your language?

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