10 tips and tricks to master the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

1. Choose your side

The first thing you know about Edge display is that you can only use one side. The functions you can activate, such as Contact Favorites or IFlux information, will not work on both sides at the same time, or will change side by side as you rotate your phone.

If you're left-handed, the left side is probably the best for you and vice versa for the right-handed – but each side works the same way. Just go in Settings> Lap Screen> Lap Position You can also choose where you want to put the shortcut, something that was not possible with the S6 edge.

s6 edge plus screen
Choose a side, left or right, for the Edge functions. AndroidPIT

2. Assign color codes to your friends

It's my humble opinion the coolest function of the mobile. Start by assigning a color to your favorite contacts (in Contact Favorites) that will turn into a flicker of color on your phone when you receive a call (Light Notification).

Contact Favorites also provides a quick access list of your favorite contacts on the right side of your screen – you will see a small white bar on the Edge screen once activated – and display colored lines when you have missed a call or message from one of your favorite contacts. Swiping your finger on this line will provide a summary of what you have missed, with the ability to respond immediately. See you in Settings> Home screen> Favorite contacts.

s6 edge plus color code
Add your best friends to Favorite Contacts for quick access via color codes. AndroidPIT

3. Reject calls with a finger and send automatic responses

This is a subsection of the Bright Notification feature (which displays colored lights on the Edge screen when your phone is facing down and a favorite contact is trying to reach you).

If a contact tries to reach you while you are busy, you can simply tap your finger on the heart rate monitor to reject the call and send a preset message automatically. A very convenient way to find out who is calling you and communicate with them discreetly if you can not speak.

s6 edge plus quick answer
Quick Response allows you to reject calls and send a message with one finger. AndroidPIT

4. Manage your Edge notifications

Once you have set up your favorite contacts, the first thing to do is decide if you want to see notifications for all the messages and missed calls coming from these contacts or only some of them. In Edge settings, you can decide to enable emails, missed calls, and messages. At the moment there is no option for other applications, but be sure this feature is coming.

See you in Settings> Home Screen> Select Notifications and check the boxes next to the types of notifications you want to see.

s6 edge plus notifications
Do not want notifications for emails? It will disable the function. AndroidPIT

5. Get useful information about the Edge

The Edge screen can also be used as a news feed, called Samsung Information Stream. Because it's much more than a simple Flipboard thread. You can get weather, sports results, your Twitter feed and more via downloadable Edge content.

See you in Settings> Home Screen> Information Flow and enable the option to enjoy Samsung Information Stream. You should now be able to manage the information feeds to select and organize the feeds you want to see on the Edge screen.

s6 edge plus feed
You can choose your Edge feeds and download new ones. AndroidPIT

6. Night clock, the clock of the future

An interesting feature of the Galaxy S6 Edge + Super AMOLED is that it is incredibly energy efficient. The AMOLED notches only light individual pixels, so that most of the time, a black notch with only a few bright pixels will consume very little energy.

See you in Settings> Lap Screen> Clock at night to activate the function. Now, when your screen is idle, you'll see the time and date shine softly on the Edge screen, which means you no longer need to turn on your phone's display to see the time.

samsung galaxy s6 edge mwc 14
Night Clock lets you know the date and time without even lighting up your screen / ANDROIDPIT

7. Customize your Galaxy S6 edge +

The new Galaxy are equipped with the default Samsung theme. But at the push of a button, you can completely change the look of your S6 edge + with a range of pre-recorded themes, or others you can download.

See you in Settings> Themes in order to choose from the three pre-recorded themes or press the store button at the top right of the screen to launch the store, which is full of alternative themes with new items each week.

s6 edge plus themes
The store is full of excellent themes. AndroidPIT

8. Change the interface font

The Galaxy S6 edge + gives you the possibility to customize the font of the interface. See you in Settings> View> Font to see the available fonts, or scroll down and press Download Fonts to see the many possibilities offered (some of them are for a fee).

s6 edge plus font
A simple detail like changing the font of characters can make all the difference. AndroidPIT

9. save your battery

The Galaxy S6 edge + benefits from Samsung's two excellent energy saving options: Energy Saver Mode and Power Saver Mode. The first simply limits your CPU, minimizes haptic feedback, brightness of the screen, and reduces the time it takes for the screen to darken when a notification arrives.

The economy mode of ultra energy is rather reserved for emergencies. It reduces your notch by simply displaying grayscale, limits the number of applications you can use (you can define the list yourself) and stops all the most important functions of your phone. Not really fun, but it's an invaluable mode when your battery is very low. See you in Settings> Battery to activate one of the modes.

s6 edge plus battrie
The standard energy saving mode must always be active for a better autonomy. AndroidPIT

10. Manage your home screens

If you're the kind of Android user who is satisfied with the configuration of the home screen provided by Samsung – complete with the Galaxy Gifts Widget and the rest this advice is for you. Touch and hold an empty space on your Home screen to display the Home Screen Manager.

You can reorganize your home screens, add widgets, change the icon grid configuration, remove the Flipboard Briefing (by unchecking the box at the top) and change your screen background. You also get quick access to your topics from this location.

Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz home screen
Press and hold the home screen to bring up the manager. AndroidPIT

Do you have a Galaxy S6 edge +? What are the tips you would like to share?

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