10 Snapchat features you probably don't know!

10 Snapchat features you probably don't know!

10 Snapchat features you probably don't know!

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Some of the coolest tricks from Snapchat aren't always easy to find.

Discover little tricks to be unbeatable on Snapchat and thus master the application like nobody!

10 Snapchat features you probably don't know!

1. How to change the name and info of your friends.

Your friends' information is visible in the chat. On the menu bar at the top left, you can see his score and other information. This is where you can change the name of your contact.

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2. How to put two filters on the same photo.

The problem with Snapchat is that you cannot, for example, display the time on a photo AND put the photo in black and white. To do this, simply select a filter, leave your finger on it while you select another. And voila!

3. How to write texts without limit of characters.

To do this, simply use your notebook application. Select and copy a text space (but without the text, otherwise Snapchat will still limit the characters) and paste everything into the word processing space of Snapchat. And, as if by magic, you have all the space you want to write.

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4. How to find lenses that are no longer available.

If Snapchat offers new illustrations every day to add your photos, the lenses, the next day they are no longer available. To be able to find the rainbow and other vomit, it's simple: backdate your mobile phone. Remove the automatic date and put the date on which the list you want to find was available.

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5. How to activate the night mode of your device.

Low brightness is a mode that represents a small moon on the Snapchat application. Imagine that it is possible to activate it manually when you want. To do this, put the lens of your mobile phone in the dark and the small moon will appear automatically. Even if, in reality, the light surrounding you is clear.

6. Cars can add color filters to photos.

Eh yes ! Put a pink moticne, for example. Expand it so that it takes up space on any screen. Normally, a corner of the screen is pixelated in this color. drop it on the rest of the screen and voila!

7. The moticnes in your friends list: instructions for use.

Find the list of models and their instructions for use in the settings, and additional options. You will understand more easily what everyone means!

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8. How to add a contact even if you have none of their information.

You have neither the nickname nor the number of a person but you want to add it? It's simple, just whatever it is next to you. Go to add friends, you will come across adding nearby friends and you will be able to connect with your friend in dt.

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9. How to save battery.

Just activate the travel mode. Go to Snapchat settings, then direction Additional options then in GRER : you can activate the travel mode. Snapchat will no longer harm your battery in clear weather!

10. How to secure your account.

You just need to activate the verification by connection. Go to them rglages then authentication . Thus, you will be able to connect your Snapchat application on another device only with the help of a code received by SMS and not only with your phone number.

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