10 Gmail tips to become an email pro

10 Gmail tips to become an email pro

There are many email applications on Android, all as good as each other. Gmail has the advantage of combining simplicity and total integration with Android. Indeed, the Google application requires as first configuration that the registration of your Gmail account on your Android smartphone. If Gmail is not your cup of tea, do not miss our selection of the best email apps for Android.

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1. Connect multiple Gmail accounts on Android

Gmail allows you to connect multiple email accounts. This convenient option on many alternative applications allows you to see all emails from all accounts registered and synchronized with Gmail. This is particularly useful if you have several professional accounts, it's quick to juggle and remember which email has arrived which address or to search on all his mailboxes.

Of course, you must register more than one account in advance to take advantage of this feature. You can add an account directly from the same menu. After entering the credentials, a new avatar appears and allows you to switch between accounts.

gmail android app 1
The general view menu displays all messages from all accounts. AndroidPIT

2. Archive emails quickly

The Gmail application on Android offers many shortcuts to organize easily. Archiving is possible in no time.

By default, you can archive an email by simply dragging it to the left. If you do this by mgarde, you can cancel by tapping the button that appears. Be aware that in the general settings you can delete this instead of archiving, but I do not recommend it.

gmail tips 2
Archiving (left) is an underrated feature on Gmail. The deletion (right) also. AndroidPIT

3. How to sync Gmail on Android

On Gmail, out of sync, no hi. To remedy this, go to settings > Accounts to see which accounts are synchronized and change their status on the singing case. If your emails are displayed correctly within the application, it is that the synchronization is active.

In the settings you can choose for each account the synchronization time. If you set it for 30 days, it means that older messages will not look good in the cache, especially inaccessible offline.

gmail tips 3
Here, messages are not kept in cache beyond 30 days. AndroidPIT

4. Advanced search

Even the best organized users know the problem: we regularly lose emails and it is very difficult to find them among all our archives or read messages. Gmail offers a very interesting feature but it must be known.

Even if these filters are not necessarily very practical everyday because the list is very long, some can save you the stake. The complete filters and their description is given by Google on the official Gmail support site.

5. Multiple selection on Gmail

The latest version of Gmail has also brought an improvement that is in the order of detail but will make your life easier when mass deleting unwanted emails for example. The idea is to be able to select multiple messages not with a long press on each one, but to tap only on the circle representing the avatar of the sender.

It is much faster in this way, when the first email is correctly selected, a gray menu appears at the top, the classic options are available: delete, archive, mark as read.

6. Personalized notifications

Another practical tip for Gmail is the liblls (tags). They allow to classify emails easily, regardless of their "physical" location: reception box, archives, etc. Thus, you can for example find all the emails relating to an event or any subject, provided you have tagged them properly beforehand.

The other little known and yet very practical advantage is the management of notifications for each libll. Just go to the parameters > Account > Manage the libells. You can decide to turn off notifications for large conversations that include multiple people, for example.

7. Print your emails on Gmail

It is not a matter of printing all his emails to read them later, we are no longer in 99 … That said, if you receive for example a long text or other novel, you can print it.

To do this, just open the email and from the menu, select Print all. Note that you can export any email to PDF, directly to Drive or to the folder updates downloads from your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, the attached parts are printed separately.

gmail tips 4
Thanks to a simple button, you can export a PDF from the Print menu. AndroidPIT

8. Organize your mail properly

Gmail offers a separate folder for messages declared as "important". The problem is that it depends on the particular sender, and a lot of spam or semi-spam can be found in this folder. The ideal is to organize oneself.

With a little patience and a well thought organization, you will be able to keep a record important really useful on Gmail, do not forget that tags can help you.

9. Automatic advance

This simple Gmail tip can really simplify your life. By default, each time you delete an email while it is open (which you are reading), it is placed in the trash, and you are redirected to the receiving box.

You can actually decide from the menu of parameters > General settings > Advance automatically, choose where you are redirig. For example, you can skip the previous email, making it easier to sort emails when they are numerous.

10. Disable viewing of profile photos

You may want to turn off profile photos on Gmail for several reasons: discretion, practicality, or just to get to grips with it. Instead of avatars, circles of colors are then proposs you, they often allow a more comfortable identification and quickly unfortunate sending to bad contact …

To remove profile photos from the Gmail app, simply go to General settings here too, then uncheck the box Pictures of the sender. The avatars are thus replaced by the colored circles of the initials of your contacts.

Do you know other tips and tricks for Gmail on Android?

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