10 cool extensions to customize New Tab in Chrome in 2019

e all know the Google Chrome NewTab page, but not all of us like it. The new tab page on Chrome is pretty bland with most visited websites, bookmarks, app shortcuts, emails, and searches. While this is interesting for users who like this approach, the problem is that no customization options are naively available in Chrome. That you explore Chrome settings or the experimental features of indicatchromium hearts , you won’t find anything that will let you customize the new tab page in Chrome. Fortunately, the Chrome online store is full of interesting extensions that will help you customize the new tab page.

Some extensions make it look more refined, while others add functionality and others totally reorganize the page. No matter how you want Google Chrome’s new tab page to look, these extensions have you covered. So, without wasting any more time, here is our collection of the best Chrome extensions to rearrange the New Tab page in Google Chrome.

Best Extensions to Customize Chrome’s New Tab Page

1. Momentum

The very popular Momentum extension allows you to make your new tab pleasing to the eye while making you productive . The extension brings a calming new wallpaper every day as well as a nice quote to stay motivated. Momentum also includes a clock with weather information and shortcuts for apps, custom links, and search. The new tab extension also lists all your tasks in a non-intrusive way and also allows you to set a daily goal for yourself.

While Momentum might not bring tons of features, its minimalist look with the few but important features works as a whole. If you have any issues with Momentum, you can also consult Leoh , which is quite similar and almost as good.


2. Home

Home is a new, highly detailed tab page extension that totally revamps the page. The extension looks more like a interface of Android launch only to a new tab page. It provides shortcuts to various web apps, date and time, calendar, recently closed tabs, search as well as notifications and badges for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Google Calendar and Facebook Messenger.

There is also a cool notes widget, the ability to add custom widgets, and personalization through various gorgeous backgrounds. Home looks and performs well as it totally redefines your new tab experience with notifications, apps and more.


3. Speed ​​Dial 2

Speed ​​Dial 2 is another very popular extension that replaces the New Tab on Chrome. It brings attractive visual bookmarks and you can sort your favorites into groups for quick access. The speed dial also includes a sidebar accessible from the right side. It contains your recently closed tabs as well as any Chrome apps you have installed. The plugin is no slouch when it comes to looks, as there are some beautiful customizable themes to choose from.

Last but not the least, we love that it brings up information, like which websites you spend the most time on throughout the day, as well as the fact that it syncs your settings across multiple devices. . Speed ​​Dial 2 aims to let you open your favorite websites quickly and, on that front, it works incredibly well.


4. Dayboard

Dayboard is one of my favorite extensions that allows me to customize the Chrome NewTab page. Unlike the other plugins on this list, Dayboard’s primary focus is to constantly remind you of the most important tasks so that you can complete them. Once installed, Dayboard changes Chrome’s new tab page to a task list with only five tasks.

The idea here is that you list only the most important tasks of the dayfor you. Once you’ve entered your tasks, every time you open a new tab page in Chrome, you’ll see a list of those tasks. This will remind you to do your homework before you waste time on the web. Also, it feels good to see the tasks checked after completing them every time I open a new tab.


5. Start.me

Start.me is a new extended tab replacement extension, which aims to make things more productive for you. The plugin includes various blocks or widgets and you can choose from thousands of widgets like calendar, bookmarks, email, webpage integration, Google tasks, news, etc. Moreover, all widgets can be customized with ease and fall outside the realm of customization as you can customize the whole Start.me page with different backgrounds, options like number of presentations, layout transparency, etc. Moreover, you can add different pages for your personal needs, work, etc.

To sum up, Start.me makes sure that your new tab page brings you all the information you need . That said, the extension can be overwhelming at times, especially when you’re making changes to whatever you’re doing. In addition, the Start.me pages take time to load if your internet connection is irregular.


6. Muzli 2

Muzli is by far the nicest new tab extension you can get for your Chrome browser. The extension was developed by InVision, one of the world’s largest design software companies. The main objective of the expansion is to inspire you with new designs . Although this is the best extension for designers and creators, anyone can enjoy these wonderful designs in my opinion.

Besides great designs and illustrations, Muzli also allows users to select various publications and showcases their most popular articles of the day on the new tab page. It’s a great way to keep track of stories from your favorite editors. Overall, I like the design and functionality of this extension and its impact on Chrome’s newtab page.


7. Tabulation for a cause

Have you ever thought that opening a new tab might help someone ? Well, that’s what Tab does for a cause. The extension replaces your new tab, so you see the sponsored content with the ads every time you open a new tab and regardless of the advertising revenue the company generates for the benefit of a charity. That’s not all, as it also adds features like widgets for your favorite websites, bookmarks, calendar, notes, etc. There is also the “Tabber Statistics”, which let you know the number of times you have opened a new tab impact of the app on the world.


8. View of the Earth

As you might have guessed, Earth View replaces your new tab with a nice satellite image from Google Earth . The images change every time you open a new tab, which makes the experience even better. You can view the location of the displayed image in Google Maps, download the image, or visit the web gallery, which has tons of stunning images. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need a decent internet connection so that the extension can show you a new image every time. You can also try Dream afar , which brings you new gorgeous images on your new tab every two days.


9. Currently

This is currently a new simple and elegant tab page extension for Google Chrome, which not only looks great but also displays important information like time, weather and date. This is a small but nifty extension and I love it. The new tab page is beautiful. There are also several themes available that you can purchase if you want to spice up the look.


10. New empty tab

Unlike other browsers, you can’t configure Google Chrome to show a blank screen when a new tab is opened and that’s why the New Tab extension is there. After installing the extension, you will see a new tab with a white screen.


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Ready to spice up your New Tab page on Chrome?

We visit the new tab page countless times a day. Why not make it more fun, functional or productive? This is what these extensions do. Install these Chrome extensions, spruce up your new Chrome tab, and let us know your favorite extension.