10 best Google Chrome shortcuts to use in 2019

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up your workflow and improve task efficiency. If you are using a browser like Chrome, this is all the more important since shortcuts are deeply embedded in how Chrome is meant to be used. Google Chrome offers a host of handy shortcuts that let you open bookmarks, downloads, new tabs, and more. Additionally, there is a sleek hack that lets you create custom shortcuts for several Chrome functions. So in this article, we are going to share some of the best Google Chrome shortcuts that you can instill in your daily browsing habit to increase productivity.

Here, I’ve covered Chrome Shortcuts for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since the keyboard layout on Windows and Linux is identical, the shortcuts are the same for both platforms. However, Mac has a slightly different keyboard layout with the command (Cmd) instead of the control key (Ctrl). So be sure to replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key in the shortcuts below. In the case of other variations, I mentioned the Chrome shortcuts for Mac explicitly.

1. Manage Chrome and Windows tabs

Sometimes it happens that we quickly close an important tab without knowing how to get it back. Well, you can use Ctrl + Shift + T to return the tab to its original state . Likewise, there are shortcuts to efficiently manage tabs and windows without any hassle. We’ve compiled the basic shortcuts below so that you can use Chrome without wasting any time.

  • Open a new tab: Ctrl + T
  • Open a new window: Ctrl + N
  • Close current tab: Ctrl + W
  • Reopen closed tabs: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • Close the current window: Ctrl + Shift + W
  • Open incognito window: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Change chrome tabs: Ctrl + Tab
  • Toggle Chrome Tabs on Mac: Cmd + Option + Right or Left Arrow
  • Open the link in a new tab: Ctrl + Click
  • Open the link in a new window: Shift + Click

2. Shortcuts to web pages

You press the refresh button but nothing changes? Well, this is because the web page loads the cached content. You can use Ctrl + Shift + R to refresh the web page from scratch, by removing cached content. We have listed some other useful shortcuts below that will help you expertly navigate the web pages you open in your Google Chrome browser.

  • Back: Alt + left arrow
  • Go forward: Alt + right arrow
  • Go back to Mac: Cmd + [
  • Aller de l’avant sur Mac: Cmd +]
  • Save the page: Ctrl + S
  • Print page: Ctrl + P
  • Refresh the page: Ctrl + R
  • Refresh the page without cached data: Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Zoom in the page: Ctrl + Plus key
  • Zoom out on the page: Ctrl + Minus key
  • Find in page: Ctrl + F

3. Google Chrome functions

Here you will find the Must have Chrome shortcuts to open browsing history, downloads, bookmarks, etc. with simple key combinations. No need to open the Chrome menu and browse the hoops. Just use these shortcuts for a while and it will stay with you.

  • Open history: Ctrl + H
  • History open on Mac: Cmd + Y
  • Open Downloads: Ctrl + J
  • Downloads open on Mac: Cmd + Shift + J
  • Mark current page: Ctrl + D
  • Open Chrome’s task manager: Shift + Esc
  • Go to address bar: Ctrl + L

4. Change Chrome user

I use two Chrome profiles at my workplace and each time I have to open the menu and navigate the profiles section to switch to my personal Chrome profile. But in using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M , I can easily switch users without touching the mouse. It’s really easy and I love it.

5. Do a Google search from anywhere

This handy shortcut has saved me a lot of time. Just press Ctrl + K and you are ready to enter your search query . The best part is that you can be anywhere on a webpage and just invoke Google search with this efficient shortcut. Note that some web apps keep the Ctrl + K shortcut for different actions (such as adding links). In these cases, this shortcut will not work.

6. Paste without formatting

This is a very useful shortcut if you are copying content from the web but dread the text formatting that comes with it. Well, just press Ctrl + Shift + V and voila, you have plain text without weird composition in your word processor. Awesome, isn’t it?

7. Delete browsing data

Sometimes we are in a hurry and want to delete browsing data instantly. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Del and you will see the “Clear browsing data” window appear. with a pre-selected time range of 1 hour. Now click on Clear Data and you have deleted the browsing data in seconds.

8. Scroll horizontally

There are times when we are faced with horizontal pages and we don’t know how to deal with them. Well he just press and hold the Shift button, then scroll the mouse wheel . The web page will begin to scroll horizontally. Now you should remember this the next time you come across such web pages.

9. Open the Chrome menu and settings.

Many users hate the fact that there isn’t a proper shortcut to open the Settings page. Well, I found this neat way to open the Settings page in no time. Just press Alt + E to open Chrome menu, then press “S” key to open settings . You’re welcome.

Note: this shortcut does not work on Mac.

10. Add “www” and “.com” to a site name in the address bar.

If you’re too lazy to type in the full URL, well, Chrome has something for you. Type a site name in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter. It will directly open the corresponding website. For example, if you type beebom and press Ctrl + Enter, Chrome will directly open www.beebom.com.

Create your own Google Chrome shortcuts

Chrome has a feature interesting who allows the user to assign custom shortcuts to Chrome extensions . For example, I use the Dark Reader extension to darken all web pages. However, this extension sometimes darkens the content of a web page and becomes increasingly difficult to read. In this case, I have to jump through the hoops and manually turn off the dark player toggle. But with this feature I can assign a shortcut, for example Ctrl + B, to turn off dark mode instantly on any page.

1. To access the parameters, open chrome: // extensions / shortcuts and associate your custom shortcut key with the extension of your choice . Remember that the shortcut should not conflict with other shortcut key combinations.

2. In addition, you can use Shortkeys, a third-party extension to customize Chrome shortcuts. If you want to create your own keyboard shortcuts that you will easily remember, you can do so. In fact, you can turn off all native Chrome shortcuts and replace them with your own set of shortcuts.

Install Shortkeys: ( Free )

Use Chrome to its full potential with keyboard shortcuts

We use Google Chrome at our own pace, but keyboard shortcuts improve our workflow and be more productive. Keyboard shortcuts are useful not only for Chrome, but for all the apps you work on. So it’s best to customize it with our own preferences. Hope you liked the Chrome shortcuts mentioned in this list. And if you want to create your own shortcuts, you can do that too. Anyway, if you found this article interesting, you can comment below and let us know your thoughts.