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1.7 billion euros to create two European renewable energy food datacenters

While the Cupertino group is helping to build a giant solar farm In order to provide energy for its campuses and data centers, in Europe too, Apple's investments are going well. The company has just announced that it intends to invest 1.7 billion euros in Europe to build two datacenters entirely powered by renewable energies.

logo_pro_apple Established in Ireland and Denmark, the construction of the two datacenters that will host Apple's main services, is one of the largest projects funded by the group in Europe. The facilities will be fully powered byrenewable energy (notably wind) and Apple says it wants to work with local partners to develop alternative energy sources. The group already points out that "The environmental impact of these facilities will be the lowest of any Apple data center built to date".

The Californian giant wants to position itself at the forefront of large-scale efforts by manufacturers in terms of renewable energy, which also allows it to be able to reduce the energy bill very energy-hungry installations by detaching themselves from fossil fuels and their future price increase.

The two data centers will each represent an area of ​​166,000 m² and will be operational by 2017. Their design is linked to local installations and projects that will, for example, allow the heat released by the equipment to be used to heat nearby homes.

Beyond the technical qualities of this massive investment, the two datacenters will allow store locally the data of European users and comply with European regulations on the management of personal data which may harden soon.